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~Regency and Regency setting Romances~

see also Alternate Reality, Historical, and Western

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Traditional Anthology "A Valentine Bouquet" Review/Excerpt
Anthology "The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Andreson, Julie Tetel  "The Temporary Bride" Review/Excerpt
The original Austen, Jane "Emma" Review/Excerpt
The original Austen, Jane "Pride and Prejudice" Review/Excerpt
The original Austen, Jane "Sense and Sensibility" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Balogh, Mary "The Famous Heroine" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Balogh, Mary "The First Snowdrop" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Balogh, Mary "The Obedient Bride" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Balogh, Mary "Red Rose" Review/Excerpt
e Balogh, Mary "Slightly Wicked" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Beverley, Jo "Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed" Review/Excerpt
  Beverley, Jo "The Christmas Angel" Review/Excerpt
  Beverley, Jo "The Dragon's Bride" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Bishop, Laurie "The Best Laid Plans" Review/Excerpt
 Traditional Bishop, Sheila "Lucasta" Review/Excerpt
  Bradley, Celeste "The Pretender: the Liar's Club" Review/Excerpt
e Brock, Carrie "Heart of the Diamond" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Browning, Sherri "The Scoundrel's Vow" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Traditional Calvin, June "Siege of Hearts"  Review/Excerpt
Traditional Carroll, Susan "The Sugar Rose" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Chadwick, Cathryn Huntington "A Poor Relation" Review/Excerpt
  Chase, Loretta "Miss Wonderful" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Cheshire, Chloe "A Gypsy at Almacks"  Review/Excerpt
Claybourne, Casey "Cat and the Countess" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Traditional Collum, Lynn "The Spy's Bride" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Traditional  Conway, Madeleine "The Reluctant Husband" Review/Excerpt
  Coulter, Catherine "The Courtship" Review/Excerpt
  D'Alessandro, Jacquie "Red Roses Mean Love" Review/Excerpt
  Dodd, Christina  "That Scandalous Evening" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Dolan, Charlotte Louise  "Three Lords for Lady Anne" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Donnelly, Shannon "A Proper Mistress" Review/Excerpt
 Traditional Dunn, Carola "Smugglers' Summer" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Farr, Diane "Falling for Chloe"    Review/Excerpt
Traditional Ferguson, Jo Ann "A Model Marriage"  Review/Excerpt
   Gracie, Anne "Tallie's Knight" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Harbaugh, Karen "Miss Carlyle's Curricle"   Review/Excerpt
Traditional Heyer, Georgette "A Civil Contract"   Review/Excerpt
Traditional Heyer, Georgette "The Grand Sophy"   Review/Excerpt
Traditional Heyer, Georgette "The Toll-Gate"   Review/Excerpt
Traditional Hodge, Jane Aiken "Watch the Wall, My Darling"  Review/Excerpt
  Hunter, Madeline "The Romantic" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Huntington, Kate "The Lieutenant's Lady" Review/Excerpt
  Ivory, Judith "The Proposition" Review/Excerpt
  James, Eloisa "Enchanting Pleasures"  Review/Excerpt
  James, Eloisa "Much Ado About You"  Review/Excerpt
Jeffries, Sabrina "A Dangerous Love" Review/Excerpt
Justiss, Julia "The Courtesan" Coming Soon!
Kelley, Rebecca "The Wedding Chase" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Kelly, Carla "Miss Billings Treads the Boards" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Kihlstrom, April the "Miss Tibbles" series Review/Excerpt
Kinsale, Laura "Midsummer Moon" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Traditional Lane, Allison "The Second Lady Emily" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Lansdowne, Judith "The Mystery Kiss" Review/Excerpt
  Laurens, Stephanie "A Secret Love" Review/Excerpt
Layton, Edith "The Cad"  Review/Excerpt
Layton, Edith "The Chance"  Review/Excerpt
Layton, Edith "The Conquest"  Review/Excerpt
Layton, Edith "The Devil's Bargain"  Review/Excerpt
Layton, Edith "To Tempt a Bride"  Review/Excerpt
Martin, Kat "Secret Ways" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Michaels, Kasey "Escapade" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Miller, Nadine "The Duke's Dilemma"  Review/Excerpt
Pierce, Barbara "A Desperate Game" Review/Excerpt
Pierce, Barbara "Tempting the Heiress" Review/Excerpt
Putney, Mary Jo "One Perfect Rose" Review/Excerpt
  Quinn, Julia "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton" Review/Excerpt
Traditional Simpson, Donna L. "Lady Delafont's Dilemma"   Review/Excerpt
Smith, Kathryn  "A Game of Scandal"  Review/Excerpt
Smith, Kathryn  "A Seductive Offer Review/Excerpt
Smith, Kathryn  "Elusive Passion"  Review/Excerpt
Smith, Kathryn  "For the First Time"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Smith, Kathryn  "In the Night" Review/Excerpt
Smith, Kathryn  "In Your Arms Again" Review/Excerpt
Smith, Kathryn  "Into Temptation"  Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Smith, Kathryn  "Still in my Heart" Review/Excerpt






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