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C Palfrey, Evelyn "Dangerous Dilemmas"  Review/Excerpt
C Palfrey, Evelyn "Everything in its Place"  Review/Excerpt
C W Palmer, Diana "Connal"  Review/Excerpt
C W Palmer, Diana "Emmett"  Review/Excerpt
  C Palmer, Diana  "Heart of Ice"  Review/Excerpt
C W Palmer, Diana  "Tyler"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Palmer, Liza  "Conversations with the Fat Girl"  Review/Excerpt
C Pappano, Marilyn  "Cabin Fever"  Review/Excerpt
My Paretsky, Sara "V.I. Warshawski" Review/Excerpt
G/F C Parks, Adele "Larger than Life" Review/Excerpt
My Patterson, James "The Women's Murder Club" series  Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Payne, Peggy "Sister India" Review/Excerpt
Y/A C Pearce, Richard "The Chocolate Korndog" Review/Excerpt
 B Peck, Cheryl "Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs" Review/Excerpt
Y/A H Peck, Richard "A Long Way from Chicago" Review/Excerpt
C Penequat, S. "Marlin's Spell" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Perl, Lila the "Fat Glenda" series Review/Excerpt
Y/A Perl, Lila the "Fat Glenda" series Review/Excerpt
C e Perkin, Norah-Jean "Outrageous" Review/Excerpt
Perrin, Kayla "If You Want Me" Review/Excerpt
My Peters, Elizabeth "Summer of the Dragon" Review/Excerpt
My Peters, Elizabeth "Amelia Peabody" series Review/Excerpt
My Peters, Elizabeth "Vicky Bliss" series Review/Excerpt
Y/A Peters, Julie Anne "Revenge of the Snob Squad" Review/Excerpt
G/F Petry, Ann Lane "The Narrows" Review/Excerpt
G/F Pfalz, Laura "Going Down Memory Lane" Review/Excerpt
 C S Phillips, Carly "Simply Sinful" Review/Excerpt
G/F Phillips, Debra "The High Price of a Good Man" Review/Excerpt
C Phillips, Debra "Kiss or Keep" Review/Excerpt
 H F Phillips, Marti "The Road To Camelot: Lancelot's Legacy" Review/Excerpt
C Phillips, Susan Elizabeth "It Had to be You" Review/Excerpt
C Phillips, Susan Elizabeth "This Heart of Mine" Review/Excerpt
C Pickart, Joan Elliott "Plain Jane Macallister" Review/Excerpt
E Pichard, Georges "Marie-Gabrielle" Review/Excerpt
P e Pickering, Kathleen "Echoes of Love" Review/Excerpt
R Pierce, Barbara "A Desperate Game" Review/Excerpt
R Pierce, Barbara "Tempting the Heiress" Review/Excerpt
Y/A F Pierce, Tamora "Shatterglass" Review/Excerpt
G/F T F Piercy, Marge "Woman on the Edge of Time" Review/Excerpt
My Pina, Gabrielle "Bliss: A Novel" Review/Excerpt
G/F Pinkwater, Daniel "The Afterlife Diet" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Pinkwater, Daniel "The Artsy Smartsy Club" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Pinkwater, Daniel "Fat Camp Commandos" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Pinkwater, Daniel "Fat Camp Commandos Go West" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Pinkwater, Daniel "Looking for Bobowicz" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C Plum, Barbara Ann "Prince of Frogs" Review/Excerpt
C S Poarch, Candice "Tender Escape" Review/Excerpt
 F Pohl, Frederick "Homegoing" Review/Excerpt
 E F P Powell, Sara "Jaguar" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Pratt, Philip J. "His Grandfather's Cap" Review/Excerpt
F Pratchett, Terry "Maskerade" Review/Excerpt
Y/A T Price, Susan "The Sterkarm" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Prior, Lily "Ardor" Review/Excerpt
G/F Prior, Lily "La Cucina: A Novel of Rapture" Review/Excerpt
 G/F Pritchard, Melissa "Late Bloomer" Review/Excerpt
G/F Proulx, Annie "The Shipping News" Review/Excerpt
My Prowell, Sandra West "Phoebe Siegel" series Review/Excerpt
 H Putney, Mary Jo "A Kiss of Fate" Review/Excerpt
R Putney, Mary Jo "One Perfect Rose" Review/Excerpt
H Putney, Mary Jo "The Bartered Bride" Review/Excerpt
C Putney, Mary Jo "Twist of Fate" Review/Excerpt


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