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~Historical Romance~

see also Alternate Reality, Regency and Western

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M/H/F Anthology "A Mother's Way" Review/Excerpt
  Anthology "A Nightingale in the Sycamore"   
H Anthology "In Praise of Younger Men"  Review/Excerpt
Anthology "Midnight Clear" 
C/H Anthology "Naughty or Nice"  Review/Excerpt
M Anthology "The Brides of Christmas"  Review/Excerpt
 H Anthology "Where's My Hero?" Review/Excerpt
Caribbean H Andreson, Julie Tetel  "Swept Away" Review/Excerpt
H Archer, Ellen "Tiger Lil" Review/Excerpt
WWII H Barnett, Jill "Sentimental Journey" Review/Excerpt
 England H e Bennett, Charlotte "The Last Days of a Rake" Review/Excerpt
England H Beverley, Jo "Secrets of the Night" Review/Excerpt
England M Beverley, Jo "The Shattered Rose" Review/Excerpt
American South H Boyette-Compo, Charlotte "In the Wind's Eye" Review/Excerpt
 England H Brandewyne, Rebecca "The Ninefold Key" Review/Excerpt
England H Brockway, Connie "The Bridal Season" Review/Excerpt
 England H Burge, Wendy "While You Slept"  Review/Excerpt
Scotland H Burkhardt, Mary "Highland Ecstasy"  Review/Excerpt
England H Byron, Eve "Only In My Dreams"   Review/Excerpt
England H Carlyle, Liz "A Woman of Virtue" Review/Excerpt
American South H Charbonneau, Eileen "The Randolph Legacy" Review/Excerpt
England M Coulter, Catherine "Earth Song" Review/Excerpt
France H Cuevas, Judy "Dance"   Review/Excerpt
England M e Dansby, Lee Ann "Forever, My Knight"  Review/Excerpt
England M Deauxville, Katherine "Daggers of Gold" Review/Excerpt
New England H Deveraux, Jude "The Raider" Review/Excerpt
New England H Doyle, Elizabeth "A Country Christmas" Review/Excerpt
  Russia H Doyle, Elizabeth "Now and Forever" Review/Excerpt
American South H e Drew, Diane "My Captain Jack"  Review/Excerpt
California H My Duncan, Alice "Daisy Gumm Majesty" series Review/Excerpt
American South H Eschenberg, Kathleen "The Nightingale's Song" Review/Excerpt
England H Feather, Jane "The Accidental Bride"    Review/Excerpt
Ireland H Fobes, Tracy  "Forbidden Garden"  Review/Excerpt
 American South H French, Judith "Rachel's Choice" Review/Excerpt
American South H French, Judith "The Irish Rogue" Review/Excerpt
 WWII Oklahoma H Garlock, Dorothy "After the Parade"    Review/Excerpt
Oklahoma H Garlock, Dorothy "A Place Called Rainwater"    Review/Excerpt
American South H Garlock, Dorothy "High on a Hill"    Review/Excerpt
American South H Garlock, Dorothy "The Edge of Town"  Review/Excerpt
New York City H Garland, Kit "A Perfect Scandal"    Review/Excerpt
New England H Goodger, Jane "The Perfect Wife" Review/Excerpt
  Europe H Guhrke, Laura Lee "The Seduction" Review/Excerpt
New England H Harmon, Danelle "Captain of my Heart"   Review/Excerpt
England H Henley, Virginia "A Woman of Passion" Review/Excerpt
American South H Hoag, Tami "Heart of Dixie" Review/Excerpt
American South H Holden, Christine "Patterns of Love" Review/Excerpt
 England H Hunter, Madeline "The Charmer" Review/Excerpt
M Hunter, Madeline "The Protector" Review/Excerpt
England H Ibbotson, Eva "A Countess below Stairs" Review/Excerpt
Scotland H Jensen, Emma "Entwined" Review/Excerpt
England/Italy M Kinsale, Laura "For My Lady's Heart"  Review/Excerpt
Worldwide H Kinsale, Laura "Seize the Fire" Review/Excerpt
London H Kleypas, Lisa "Suddenly You" Review/Excerpt
England H e Kohl, Candice "Destiny's Disguise"  Review/Excerpt
America H Law, Susan Kay Law "Traitorous Hearts" Review/Excerpt
American South H Layton, Edith "The Challenge"  Review/Excerpt
England Layton, Edith "The Fire-Flower"  Review/Excerpt
France H Layton, Edith "The Game of Love"  Review/Excerpt
England H Lindsey, Johanna "The Heir" Review/Excerpt
American South H McDaniel, Sylvia "Sunlight on Josephine Street"  Review/Excerpt
Worldwide H MacGregor, Kinley  "A Pirate of her Own"  Review/Excerpt
Scotland H MacGregor, Kinley  "Claiming the Highlander"  Review/Excerpt
Worldwide H MacGregor, Kinley  "Master of Seduction"  Review/Excerpt
Holland H Maguire, Gregory "Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister" Review/Excerpt
NEW! e H Marshall, Darlene "Pirate's Price" Review/Excerpt
 American South H Mascle, Deanna "Kentucky Kisses" Review/Excerpt
England H Medeiros, Teresa "The Bride and the Beast"  Review/Excerpt
I H Murray, Tamela Hancock "Loveswept" Review/Excerpt
 America I H Oke, Janette "The Bluebird and the Sparrow" Review/Excerpt
America H Osborne, Maggie "I Do, I Do, I Do!"  Review/Excerpt
East Indies H Putney, Mary Jo "The Bartered Bride" Review/Excerpt
England H Rice, Patricia "All a Woman Wants" Review/Excerpt
 American South H Rice, Patricia "Moonlight and Memories" Review/Excerpt
England M Robinson, Suzanne "Lord of the Dragon" Review/Excerpt
America H Rose, Katie "Runaway Hearts" Review/Excerpt
New York H Rothwell, Kate "Someone to Love" Review/Excerpt
England H Royal, Lauren "Lily" Review/Excerpt
England H Sinclair, Rebecca "Perfect Strangers" Review/Excerpt
England H Simpson, Donna L. "Absentee Heart"   Review/Excerpt
Worldwide H Sizemore, Susan "On a Long Ago Night" Review/Excerpt
Istanbul H Small, Bertrice "A Love for All Time" Review/Excerpt
England H Stewart, Mary "Thornyhold" Review/Excerpt
England M Stone, Lyn "My Lady's Choice" Review/Excerpt
France H  Stuart, Anne "A Rose at Midnight" Review/Excerpt
 England H Veryan, Patricia "The Riddle of the Shipwrecked Spinster" Review/Excerpt
England I H Wick, Lori  "The Knight and the Dove" Review/Excerpt
Worldwide H Wiggs, Susan  "The Charm School" Review/Excerpt






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