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E C e LaCroix, Marianne "Another Chance" Review/Excerpt
E C e LaCroix, Marianne "Christmas Magic" Review/Excerpt
E C e Ladd, Ashley "American Beauty" Review/Excerpt
My Lamalle, Cecile "Charles Poisson" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Lamb, Wally "She's Come Undone" Review/Excerpt
NEW! T Landry, Sandra "The Wishing Chalice" Review/Excerpt
NEW! R Lane, Allison "The Second Lady Emily" Review/Excerpt
R Lansdowne, Judith "The Mystery Kiss" Review/Excerpt
My LaPierre, Janet "Keepers" Review/Excerpt
My LaPlante, Lynda the Lorraine Page series Review/Excerpt
G/F Landvik, Lorna "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons" Review/Excerpt
G/F Landvik, Lorna "Patty Jane's House of Curl" Review/Excerpt
R Laurens, Stephanie "A Secret Love" Review/Excerpt
R Laurens, Stephanie "Fair Juno" Review/Excerpt
G/F LaValle, Victor D. "The Estatic" Review/Excerpt
C e Lavene, Joyce and Jim "The Magician and the Sorceress-Accountant" short story Review/Excerpt
My Lavene, Jim and Joyce the "Sharyn Howard" series Review/Excerpt
C Larence, Anna "Give and Take" Review/Excerpt
Laurence, Charles "My Fat Friend" Review/Excerpt
H Law, Susan Kay Law "Traitorous Hearts" Review/Excerpt
C Lawrence, Terry "Before I Wake" Review/Excerpt
R Layton, Edith "The Cad"  Review/Excerpt
H Layton, Edith "The Challenge"  Review/Excerpt
R Layton, Edith "The Chance"  Review/Excerpt
R Layton, Edith "The Conquest"  Review/Excerpt
R Layton, Edith "The Devil's Bargain"  Review/Excerpt
H Layton, Edith "The Fire-Flower"  Review/Excerpt
H Layton, Edith "The Game of Love"  Review/Excerpt
R Layton, Edith "To Tempt a Bride"  Review/Excerpt
My Le Carre, John the George Smiley series Review/Excerpt
C LeClaire, Day "Jinxed" Review/Excerpt
C S Ledbetter, Suzann "Ahead of the Game" Review/Excerpt
C S Ledbetter, Suzann "In Hot Pursuit" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C Ledbetter, Suzann "Once a Thief" May 2006
E C e  Lee, Marilyn "The Fall of Troy" Review/Excerpt
E C e  Lee, Marilyn "Full-Bodied Charmer" Review/Excerpt
 E P e  Lee, Marilyn "Bloodlust IV--Nocturnal Heat" Review/Excerpt
Lee,  Miranda "Fantasies and the Future" Review/Excerpt
C S Lee, Rachel "Serious Risks" Review/Excerpt
C Leigh, Jo "Catching His Eye" Review/Excerpt
C W Leonard, Tina "Fannin's Flame" Review/Excerpt
My Leslie, John "Gideon Lowry" series Review/Excerpt
G/F H Lewis, Sinclair "Babbit" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  F Lindsey, Johanna "Heart of a Warrior" Review/Excerpt
H Lindsey, Johanna "The Heir" Review/Excerpt
My Lippman, Laura "Tess Monaghan" series Review/Excerpt
Y/A Lipsyte, Robert "One Fat Summer" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! C London, Cait "What Memories Remain" Review/Excerpt
 C London, Julia "Miss Fortune" Review/Excerpt
G/F Louard, Janette "Sisterhood Situation" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C Love, Kathy "Getting What you Want" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C Love, Kathy "Wanting What You Get" Review/Excerpt
C Lowell, Elizabeth "Love Song for a Raven" Review/Excerpt
C S Lucas-Taylor, Elizabeth "Unfinished Business" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Lynch, Chris "Slot Machine" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Lynch, Chris "Extreme Elvin" Review/Excerpt
C e Lynn, Anita "Something in Common" Review/Excerpt
Lynn, Bunkie "The Big Girls' Guide to Life: A Plus-Sized Jaunt Through a Body-Obsessed World" Review/Excerpt
I C e Lynn, Mary "Eye of the Beholder" Review/Excerpt
I C e Lynn, Mary "Dear Cari"
I C e Lynn, Mary "Better the Second Time" Review/Excerpt
W H Lynn, Virginia "River's Dream" Review/Excerpt


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