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Y/A Sachs, Marilyn "The Fat Girl" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Sachar, Louis "Holes" Review/Excerpt
H W St. Clair, Lucia "Fearless" Review/Excerpt
H W St. John, Cheryl "Land of Dreams" Review/Excerpt
I C Sala, Sharon "The Miracle Man" Review/Excerpt
C S Sala, Sharon "Snowfall" Review/Excerpt
NEW! I C G/F Samson, Lisa "Tiger Lillie" Review/Excerpt
C Samuel,  Barbara "No Place Like Home" Review/Excerpt
G/F Sanchez, Patrick "The Way It Is" Review/Excerpt
C Sandoval, Lynda "One and Only" Review/Excerpt
 G/F  Sapphire "Push" Review/Excerpt
P My Saul, John "Black Creek Crossing" Review/Excerpt
G/F  Savan, Glenn "White Palace" Review/Excerpt
My Sawyer, Corinne Holt the "Angela & Caledonia" series Review/Excerpt
F  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann "Channeling Cleopatra"  Review/Excerpt
 F  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann "Cleopatra 7.2"  Review/Excerpt
F  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann/McCaffrey, Anne "First Warning"  Review/Excerpt
F  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann "The Godmother"  Review/Excerpt
F  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann/McCaffrey, Anne "The Petaybee Trilogy"  Review/Excerpt
My Schanker, D. R. "Nora Lumsey" series Review/Excerpt
N/F Shanker, Wendy "The Fat Girl's Guide to Life" Review/Excerpt
My Schmidt, Carol "Laney Samms" series Review/Excerpt
T E Schone, Robin "Awaken, My Love" Review/Excerpt
H E Schone, Robin "The Lady's Tutor"  Review/Excerpt
H E Schone, Robin "The Lover"  Review/Excerpt
C e Schuler, Betty Jo "Loves Seafood and Sunsets, Can't Dance" short story Review/Excerpt
 C Schulze, Dallas "The Marriage" Review/Excerpt
C Schuster, Melanie "My One and Only Love" Review/Excerpt
I C Scofield, Ruth "In God's Own Time"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Schwarz, Robin "Night Swimming"  Review/Excerpt
M Seaton, Anya "Katherine"   Review/Excerpt
C Sener, Susanne "The Lady and The Con"   Review/Excerpt
G/F Selby, Mary "Gargoyles and Port" Review/Excerpt
C Shalvis, Jill "Luke" Review/Excerpt
C Shalvis, Jill "Roughing it with Ryan" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C S Shalvis, Jill "Seeing Red" Review/Excerpt
C Shaw, Danielle "When Summer Fades" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Shaw, Tucker "Flavor of the Week" Review/Excerpt
NEW! N/F Shea, Erin "Tales from the Scales" Review/Excerpt
G/F Shelley, Susan "Chasing the Demons" Review/Excerpt
C Shelly, Deborah "My Favorite Flavor" Review/Excerpt
G/F Shields, Carol "The Stone Diaries" Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Shortridge, Jennie "Eating Heaven" Review/Excerpt
NEW! F Showalter, Gena "The Stone Prince" Review/Excerpt
M Simmons, Deborah "Taming the Wolf" Review/Excerpt
 C Simmons, Lynda "Just the Way You Aren't" Review/Excerpt
C Simmons, Lynda "Perfect Fit" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Simon, Jo Ann "Star"   Review/Excerpt
NEW! C My Simon, Misty "Poison Ivy"   Review/Excerpt
G/F Simone, Nea Anna "Reaching Back"   Review/Excerpt
H Simpson, Donna L. "Absentee Heart"   Review/Excerpt
R Simpson, Donna L. "Lady Delafont's Dilemma"   Review/Excerpt
G/F Simpson, Mona "Off Keck Road" Review/Excerpt
H W Sinclair, Rebecca "Golden Dreams" Review/Excerpt
H Sinclair, Rebecca "Perfect Strangers" Review/Excerpt
 C Singh, Nalini "Awaken to Pleasure" Review/Excerpt
 C Singh, Nalini "Dessert Warrior" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Sinykin, Sheri Cooper "Next Thing to Strangers" Review/Excerpt
H Sizemore, Susan "On a Long Ago Night" Review/Excerpt

S Authors: Page 1, Page 2


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