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~Slightly Wicked~

by Mary Balogh

Heroine: voluptuous


           A rainy night.  An overturned coach in the middle of nowhere. A dashing, helpful stranger made all the more appealing by a young girl's fanciful mind. 


          To Judith Law her rescue from the muddy roadside was absolutely providential, and in more ways than one.  Here was her chance to experience both her first and last night of passion before becoming a lifelong paid companion in her well-to-do aunt's employ.  And it seemed such a simple thing to love this stranger for but a few days, then leave him behind forever.


           So imagine Judith's utter surprise when her erstwhile lover arrives at her aunt's house and is revealed to be none other than Rannulf Bedwyn, the favored suitor for her beautiful young cousin's hand!


            And yet Rannulf declares privately to Judith that he'd rather have her--red hair, freckles, curves and all. Can this be true, or is Judith dreaming her way to disappointment once again?


What worked for me:


           I liked the leonine Rannulf even though I usually prefer my heroes tall, dark, and devastating.  He was a bit of a playboy at first but other than that was a reasonably stand up guy.  Not as alpha as one might like, but not a simpering wuss either.


           There was some pretty good tension in this story that kept me reading on.  I just had to find out how Judith's horrible family got their comeuppance in the end.


            Size-wise Judith was voluptuous and very attractive to men, though she wasn't aware of it.  In fact, her religious family had her convinced that she was ugly as sin.


What didn't work for me:


            I wanted to like our heroine and her family, who sold her off into slavery to her unkind aunt. (But then, it would have been more or less the same scenario had she been married off instead.)  And mostly I did like her, but she just made one foolish decision after another, whether it was jumping into bed with a complete stranger or later turning down his proposal of marriage after they had gotten to know each other and actually fallen in love.  Of course, had she not made those mistakes this book would have been all of 8 pages long.                 




              If you can set aside your common sense and think with your heart instead of your head, you'll enjoy this Regency era romp. (And if you want more of the same, then be sure to check out the rest of the Bedwyn "Slightly" series.)

Warning: There's a steamy scene at the beginning of this book.  (Considering that the word "wicked" was in the title, I did expect the story to be spicier.)

If you liked "Slightly Wicked" you might also enjoy "Somebody to Love", "Miss Carlyle's Curricle", "Into Temptation", "Suddenly You", "The Accidental Bride", "The Bride and the Beast", "The Fire-Flower", "The Last Days of a Rake", "Cat and the Countess", "The Courtship", or "Enchanting Pleasures".

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