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~Into Temptation~

by Kathryn Smith

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      Heroine:   plump/voluptuous

        Lady Sophia Aberley swore to have nothing more to do with Julian Rexley, the young lord who once broke her heart and left her to face down a scandal all alone.  But fate has conspired differently, for when the earl's younger sister flees from her guardian and turns up on her doorstep, Sophia finds she is powerless against being drawn into Rexley's life once more.

        Julian Rexley is fit to be tied when he discovers that his sister Laetitia is in the clutches of that jaded fortune hunter Sophia Morelle, the very woman who once staged being caught en flagrante delicto with him in order to trap him into marriage!  Unfazed by the failure of her scheme, the greedy wench soon turned around and landed herself a wealthy Marquess instead.  And to add insult to injury, the heartless doxy penned an "anonymous" tell-all book about the whole sordid affair, and even had the temerity to send Julian a signed copy!

        This forced reunion between Julian and Sophia has all the earmarks of disaster, but will seven years of harboring hurt over deceit and betrayal melt away in the burning light of their love?  Or will their bitter rancor begin anew?

      What worked for me:

      I thought that giving both main characters a knack for the literary was an excellent notion.  By reading each other's work, Sophia and Julian were able to gain more insight into the other's true thoughts they might have had otherwise.  The little quotes from Sophia's book, which opened each chapter of the story, were delightful. And Julian's poetry, which heralded Sophia's curves as being more beauteous than Eden, was lovely.

       The sexual tension was rather good, but better still were the actual love scenes, which were at once both hot and tender.  Every woman should have praise for her figure lavished as sweetly upon her as Julian did Sophia's.  This book is a keeper just because of those scenes!

       Size-wise Sophia was voluptuous-going-on-plump.  And like most women she had her concerns about her lover seeing her body, especially her breasts which sagged slightly from their weight.

       What didn't work for me:

       There was a bit more enmity between the hero and heroine than I usually like in my romances, but readers who appreciate a challenging, hard-to-win-over hero will find one to adore in Julian.   (For the most part, I liked him.  But he really was being a bit of a dolt when it came to handling his 24 year old sister, who, spoiled brat though she sometimes appeared to be, did deserve at least some say in what to do with her life.)


      "Into Temptation", with its elegant prose and sizzling sexual tension, is a delicious treat for fans of Sensual Regencies.  Be sure to indulge yourself in it this Valentine's Day!

~Another Opinion~

from guest reviewer Danielle Hill

What worked for me:


       The writing style of “Into Temptation” fit the time period, and the story was very romantic and emotional. I really felt like I was really reading about people who lived and loved in the 19th century.

       Sophia is described as lushly curved and voluptuous, though she seemed self-conscious about her plump thighs when making love. I loved how other characters never made a big deal about Sophia’s size. Even if she often had some insecurity about her body, she was seen as a beautiful and desirable woman by society.


What didn't work for me:    


       I thought it was strange how Julian treated his sister, who was twenty-four, as if she was a child. I understood his issues of having lost another sister and being overprotective, but the dynamic between Julian and his sister seemed immature and odd.



        Into Temptation is a very vivid, emotional story that seems to fly right off the page to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. It was one of the first books I started reading when I sought out romances with curvy heroines and it was worth the read. Again, I can’t overemphasize how much I loved that there was never a question about Sophia’s desirability.

Warning: there are some steamy scenes and coarse words in this book.

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