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~Alternate Reality~

Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal, Time Travel

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Fantasy Anthology "Chicks in Chain Mail" Review/Excerpt
  P Fantasy e Anthology "Fire and Ice"  Review/Excerpt
P Anthology "Midnight Pleasures"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! C P Anthology "Road of Adventure" Coming Soon!
Fantasy Anthology "Such a Pretty Face" Review/Excerpt
T Anthology "Timeswept Summer" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Adams, Douglas "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Adams, Douglas "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Review/Excerpt
P Alex, Lily "Lost on Earth or Fateful Love"  Review/Excerpt
P Archer, Jennifer "Body and Soul" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Asaro, Catherine "Ascendant Sun" Review/Excerpt


Barker, Clive "Coldheart Canyon" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Benford, Gregory "COSM" Review/Excerpt
T R e Bennett, Charlotte "Time Out of Mind" Review/Excerpt
P Berg, Patti "Til the End of Time" Review/Excerpt
 Fant/Fut Bradley, Marion Zimmer "Darkover" series Review/Excerpt
T Bretton, Barbara "Destiny's Child" Book 3 of 3 Review/Excerpt
T Bretton, Barbara "Somewhere in Time" Book 1 of 3 Review/Excerpt
T Bretton, Barbara "Tomorrow and Always" book 2 of 3 Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Bujold, Lois McMaster "A Civil Campaign"  Review/Excerpt
 Futuristic Bujold, Lois McMaster "Memory"  Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Bujold, Lois McMaster "Mirror Dance"  Review/Excerpt
T Cach, Lisa "The Changeling Bride" Review/Excerpt
P e Cary, Barbara "Spirit of the Heart" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Cast, P.C. "Goddess by Mistake" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Chapman, Kimberly "Sorrows of Adoration" Review/Excerpt
T e Childers, Leta Nolan "Yesterday's Tomorrow" Review/Excerpt
T Futuristic e Culver, Karen "Yesterday Once More"   Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Currington, Lanette "Starkissed"   Review/Excerpt
T Fantasy Daniels, Laurice "Sarah Llewellyn and the Druid's Curse" Review/Excerpt
T Deveraux, Jude "Legend"  Review/Excerpt
T Deveraux, Jude "Remembrance" Review/Excerpt
H W P Deveraux, Jude "Wishes"  Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Disch, Thomas M. "Camp Concentration"   Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Farmer, Philip Jose "The Green Odyssey"   Review/Excerpt
P Fantasy Ferguson, Jo Ann "Dreamsinger"  Review/Excerpt
P Fantasy Ferguson, Jo Ann "Dreamshaper"  Review/Excerpt
 H Fantasy French, Judith "The Conqueror" Review/Excerpt
 H Fantasy French, Judith "Falcon's Angel" Review/Excerpt
 Fantasy Foster, Darragha "Love's Second Sight" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  P Fox, Andrew "Bride of the Fat White Vampire" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! P Fox, Andrew "Fat White Vampire Blues" Review/Excerpt
P Fox, Karen "The Prince of Charming" Review/Excerpt
C P Frances, Allene "Hold Back Time" Review/Excerpt
P Fuhrmann, Holly "Magic for Joy" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Grant, Susan "Star King" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Grant, Susan "The Star Princess" Review/Excerpt
T Futuristic e Greyle,  Katherine "Oracle"  Review/Excerpt
 NEW! P Hamilton, Laurell K. "A Stroke Before Midnight" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! P C Handeland, Lori "Blue Moon" Review/Excerpt
 P Harbaugh, Karen "Dark Enchantment"   Review/Excerpt
T Hill, Sandra "The Outlaw Viking" Review/Excerpt
T P M Howard, Linda "Son of the Morning" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Huxley, Aldous "Brave New World" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Jones, Diana Wynne "Deep Secret" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Fantasy Jones, Diana Wynne "Witch Week" Review/Excerpt
C P Joyce, Brenda "House of Dreams" Review/Excerpt
 Fantasy Kennedy, Kathryne "Beneath the Thirteen Moons" Review/Excerpt
P Kenyon, Sherrilyn "Fantasy Lover" Review/Excerpt
  P Kenyon, Sherrilyn "Night Embrace"  Review/Excerpt
P Kenyon, Sherrilyn "Night Play"  Review/Excerpt
T e Kirk, Diana "Song of Isis" Review/Excerpt
P C Kirk, Mary "Miracles" Review/Excerpt
H P Krinard, Susan "Secret of the Wolf" Review/Excerpt
NEW! T Landry, Sandra "The Wishing Chalice" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Futuristic Lindsey, Johanna "Heart of a Warrior" Review/Excerpt
P C MacAlister, Katie "A Girl's Guide to Vampires" Review/Excerpt
T Manning, Anne "The Raven's Lady" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Fantasy Marsh, Kathleen Marie "The Portly Princess of Thynneland" Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "Heaven in Your Eyes"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "Heaven Sent"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "I Dream of You"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "Match Made in Heaven"  Review/Excerpt
C T McCoy, Judi "Say You're Mine"  Review/Excerpt
Futuristic McCoy, Judi "Wanted: One Perfect Man"  Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Futuristic McCoy, Judi "Wanted: One Sexy Night"  Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Futuristic McCoy, Judi "Wanted: One Special Kiss"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "You're the One"  Review/Excerpt
Futuristic McDevitt, Jack "The Hercules Text Review/Excerpt
P S McMahon, Maureen "Return of the Gulls" Review/Excerpt
P S McMahon, Maureen "Shadows in the Mist" Review/Excerpt
P Michaels, Monette "Fatal Vision" Review/Excerpt
T Moning, Karen Marie "Kiss of the Highlander" Review/Excerpt
 Fantasy H Moorcock, Michael "Gloriana"  Review/Excerpt
P Moore, James "Under the Overtree"  Review/Excerpt
T Niffenegger, Audrey "The Time-Traveler's Wife"  Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Miller, Janet "Lady of the Knife"  Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Owens, Robin D. "Sorceress of Faith" Winter '06
 H Fantasy Phillips, Marti "The Road To Camelot: Lancelot's Legacy" Review/Excerpt
P e Pickering, Kathleen "Echoes of Love" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Fantasy Pierce, Tamora "Shatterglass" Review/Excerpt
T Futuristic Piercy, Marge "Woman on the Edge of Time" Review/Excerpt
G/F Pinkwater, Daniel "The Afterlife Diet" Review/Excerpt
 Futuristic Pohl, Frederick "Homegoing" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Pratchett, Terry "Maskerade" Review/Excerpt
 P H Putney, Mary Jo "A Kiss of Fate" Review/Excerpt
P Randell, Kimberly "In the Midnight Hour"  Review/Excerpt
 Futuristic Reed, Kit "Thinner Than Thou"  Review/Excerpt
 P My Riccio, Dolores Stewart "Circle" series Review/Excerpt
 P Rice, Anne "Violin" Review/Excerpt
G/F H P Riley, Judith Merkle "The Oracle Glass" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! Futuristic Robins, Eden "All Our Tomorrows" Review/Excerpt
My Futuristic Robb, J. D. "In Death" series Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Robinson, Spider "Time Pressure" Review/Excerpt
 Futuristic Robinson, Spider the "Mike Callahan" series Review/Excerpt
T H Rose, Carolyn "A Love Through Time" Review/Excerpt
T Futuristic Ross, Jo Ann "Star-Crossed Lovers" Review/Excerpt
P My Saul, John "Black Creek Crossing" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann "Channeling Cleopatra"  Review/Excerpt
 Futuristic Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann "Cleopatra 7.2"  Review/Excerpt
Futuristic  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann/McCaffrey, Anne "First Warning"  Review/Excerpt
Fantasy  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann "The Godmother"  Review/Excerpt
Fut/Fant  Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann/McCaffrey, Anne "The Petaybee Trilogy"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Fantasy Showalter, Gena "The Stone Prince" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! C P Sparks, Kerrelyn "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic Stuart, Anne "Cinderman" Review/Excerpt
S M Fantasy Stuart, Anne "Lord of Danger" Review/Excerpt
P Stuart, Anne "Night of the Phantom" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy/P e Taffs, Mary "Magick" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy/P e Taffs, Mary "More than Magick" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Tempesta, Ann Mary "Damsel in the Rough" Review/Excerpt
  Fantasy Verdenius, Angela "Love's Sweet Assassin" Review/Excerpt
Futuristic e Waddell, Patricia "The Alliance" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Wales, Vincent M. "Wish You Were Here"    Review/Excerpt
Fantasy T Weis, Margaret "Time of the Twins" Review/Excerpt
C P White, Lori Ann "Etta Mae's Little Theory"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Fantasy Winterson, Jeannette "Sexing the Cherry" Review/Excerpt
Fantasy Wright, Deborah "The Rebel Fairy" Review/Excerpt





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