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~Contemporary Romance~

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  "3-2-1 Married!"  Review/Excerpt
"A Mother's Touch" Review/Excerpt
  "A Mother's Way" Review/Excerpt
  "A Nightingale in the Sycamore"   
  "A Very Special Love" Review/Excerpt
  "All I Want for Christmas" Review/Excerpt
"Bad Boys, Next Exit" Review/Excerpt
"Big Girls Don't Cry" Review/Excerpt
"Gettin' Merry" Review/Excerpt
  "Living Large"  Review/Excerpt
"Love at Large"  Review/Excerpt
"Love Goddesses"  Review/Excerpt
"Lovey-Dovey: Romance" 
"The McCallum Quintuplets"  Review/Excerpt
"Merry Musings: A Holiday"  Review/Excerpt
"Midnight Clear" 
NEW!  "Mistletoe and Mayhem"  Review/Excerpt
C/H "Naughty or Nice"  Review/Excerpt
  "The Night Before Christmas"  Review/Excerpt
"Rosie's Curl and Weave" Review/Excerpt
  "Sistahood of Shopaholics"  Review/Excerpt
  "Snowy Nights"  Review/Excerpt
"Tall, Dark, and Dangerous"  Review/Excerpt
"Ten Minute Romances"  Review/Excerpt
  "Valentine Babies" Review/Excerpt
"Velvet, Leather, and Lace" Review/Excerpt
   "Wedded Bliss" Review/Excerpt
"A Whole Lotta Love" Review/Excerpt
 e Bagshaw, Judy  "At Long Last, Love!" Review/Excerpt
  Ballard, Pat  "Dangerous Curves" Review/Excerpt
Alers, Rochelle "Very Private Duty"  Review/Excerpt
Allen, Rida "Great Love"  Review/Excerpt
  Allen, Rida "The Legacy Tree"  Review/Excerpt
  Allen, Rida "Truth and Lies"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Allen, Rida "You Have Been Disconnected"  Review/Excerpt
  e Ammann, Lillie "Stroke of Luck" Review/Excerpt
Amos, Diana "Getting Personal" Review/Excerpt
  Appel, Cynthianna "The Fixer-Uppers" Review/Excerpt
Arnold, Judith "Looking for Laura" Review/Excerpt
  Bacarr, Jina "Dangerous Curves" Review/Excerpt
e Bagshaw, Judy "Beyond Reason" short story Review/Excerpt
e Bagshaw, Judy "Teacher's Pet" Review/Excerpt
  Ballard, Pat "His Brother's Child" Review/Excerpt
  Ballard, Pat "Nobody's Perfect" Review/Excerpt
Ballard, Pat "Wanted: One Groom" Review/Excerpt
  Ballard, Pat "A Worthy Heir" Review/Excerpt
Banks, Leanne "Some Girls Do" Review/Excerpt
  Barton, Beverly "Cameron" Review/Excerpt
  Barton, Beverly "Gabriel Hawk's Lady"  Review/Excerpt
  Barton, Beverly "His Secret Child"  Review/Excerpt
  Basso, Adrienne "A Night to Remember" Review/Excerpt
  Basso, Adrienne "Sweet Sensations" Review/Excerpt
e Bennett, Charlotte "Home In His Arms" Review/Excerpt
e Bennett, Charlotte "The Love Trap" Review/Excerpt
Bennett, Elizabeth "Changes of Heart" Review/Excerpt
  Berg, Patti "Born to be Wild" Review/Excerpt
  Bernard, Dorothy Ann "Delicate Dimensions"  Review/Excerpt
  Boeshaar, Andrea "Second Time Around" Review/Excerpt
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor, "A Woman of Substance" Review/Excerpt
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor, "A Sudden Change of Heart" Review/Excerpt
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor, "Act of Will" Review/Excerpt
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor,  "Power of A Woman"  Review/Excerpt
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor, "To Be The Best"   Review/Excerpt
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor,  "The Triumph of Katie Byrne"  Review/Excerpt
  Brichoux, Karen "Coffee and Kung Fu" Review/Excerpt
e Brock, Rebecca "The Giving Season" Review/Excerpt
  Browning, Dixie "Her Fifth Husband" Review/Excerpt
Browning, Dixie "More to Love" Review/Excerpt
Browning, Dixie "Just Desserts"  
Bryant, Niobia "Heavenly Match" Review/Excerpt
Bussey, Loure "A Feeling Like No Other"  Review/Excerpt
  Bussey, Loure "Just The Thought Of You"  Review/Excerpt
Campbell, Terry "Fat Chance"  Review/Excerpt
Campbell, Terry "Intimate Investor"  Review/Excerpt
Campbell, Terry "Mr. Wrong"  Review/Excerpt
Carrington, Tori "Flavor of the Month" Review/Excerpt
Castle, Jayne "Spell Bound" Review/Excerpt
e Childers, Leta Nolan "Cupid's Revenge" Review/Excerpt
e Childers, Leta Nolan "Demons of Desire" Review/Excerpt
e Childers, Leta Nolan "Fireworks with Frequency" Review/Excerpt
 e Childers, Leta Nolan "Gaelic Girls" Review/Excerpt
e Childers, Leta Nolan "Mystery Loves Company" Review/Excerpt
e Childers, Leta Nolan "On the Road to Love" Review/Excerpt
 e Childers, Leta Nolan "Speed of Love" Review/Excerpt
e Childers, Leta Nolan "Valentine's Victim" Review/Excerpt
  Clair, Daphne "Grounds for Marriage" Review/Excerpt
  NEW! Craft, Francine "Dreams of Ecstasy" Review/Excerpt
  Craft, Francine "Haunted Heart" Review/Excerpt
  Craft, Francine "What Matters Most" Review/Excerpt
  Creighton, Kathleen "One Christmas Knight" Review/Excerpt
  Criswell, Millie "The Trouble with Mary" Review/Excerpt
Crosby, Susan "His Seductive Revenge"  Review/Excerpt
Cross, Claire "Third Time Lucky" Review/Excerpt
Crusie, Jennifer "Anyone But You" Review/Excerpt
Crusie, Jennifer "Bet Me" Review/Excerpt
Crusie, Jennifer "Crazy For You" Review/Excerpt
Crusie, Jennifer "Faking It" Review/Excerpt
Crusie, Jennifer "Tell Me Lies" Review/Excerpt
Crusie, Jennifer "Welcome To Temptation" Review/Excerpt
Davis, Justine "A Whole Lot of Love"  Review/Excerpt
  Delo, Scott "The Jump" Review/Excerpt
  Delisi, Liz "Since All is Passing" Review/Excerpt
Denison, Janelle "Pure Indulgence" Review/Excerpt
Denison, Janelle "Seductive Fantasy" Review/Excerpt
Denosky, Kathie "A Baby at His Convenience" Review/Excerpt
  Deveraux, Jude "The Summerhouse" Review/Excerpt
  Donald, Robyn  "Meant to Marry" Review/Excerpt
  Donovan, Susan "He Loves Lucy" Review/Excerpt
Ebisch,Glen "Love is Murder" Review/Excerpt
  Ellis, Patricia "Sorry, Wrong Number" Review/Excerpt
Embry, Michael "The Touch" Review/Excerpt
  Esdaile, Leslie  Book soundtrack Review/Excerpt
Esdaile, Leslie  "Rivers of the Soul" Review/Excerpt
Esdaile, Leslie "Still Waters Run Deep" Review/Excerpt
Ford, Bette "Unforgettable" Review/Excerpt
  Fielding, Liz  "Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Fielding, Liz "Strictly Business"  Review/Excerpt
Fielding, Liz "The Bridesmaid's Reward"  Review/Excerpt
  Forster, Gwynne "After the Loving" Review/Excerpt
Forster, Gwynne "Fools Rush In" Review/Excerpt
Foster, Lori "Taken!" Review/Excerpt
  Foster, Lori "Too Much Temptation" Review/Excerpt
Freethy, Barbara "Just the Way You Are" Review/Excerpt
Gayle, Roberta "Mad About You"   Review/Excerpt
Gerard, Cindy "The Bridal Arrangement" Review/Excerpt
Gerard, Cindy "The Librarian's Passionate Knight" Review/Excerpt
Gibson, Rachel "Simply Irresistible" Review/Excerpt
Gill, Judy "Golden Swan" Review/Excerpt
Giusto, Layle "Something So Right" Review/Excerpt
Gold, Kristi "His E-mail Order Wife" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Goss, Shelia "My Invisible Husband" Review/Excerpt
Graham, Lynne "The Cozakis Bride" Review/Excerpt
Graham, Lynne "The Spanish Groom" Review/Excerpt
Granger, Katherine "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not " Review/Excerpt
  Green, Crystal "There Goes the Bride"  Review/Excerpt
Griffin, Bettye "Prelude to a Kiss"  Review/Excerpt
  Handeland, Lori "The Brother Quest" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! Hill, Sandra "The Love Potion" Review/Excerpt
  Hill, Sandra "Tall, Dark, and Cajun" Review/Excerpt
Hudson-Smith, Linda "Desperate Deceptions" Review/Excerpt
Hudson-Smith, Linda  "Soulful Serenade" Review/Excerpt
Hudson, Anna "A Whole Lot of Woman" Review/Excerpt
Hutchinson, Bobbi "Gentleman Caller" Review/Excerpt






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