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~Baby at His Convenience~

by Kathie DeNosky

A guest review by Danielle Hill


Heroine: Abundant and tall

       Katie Andrews has a problem.  She very much wants to have a baby, but at 34, time is working against her.  The women in her family tend to go into menopause very early and she fears that she is starting to go through the change.  But she has no prospects in mind; no boyfriend and there are no candidates in her small town to father her child.  And she cannot afford the medical alternatives.

        Enter Jeremiah Gunn, a sexy loner with a reputation for being somewhat dangerous.  Before she knows it, Katie is asking him to father her child.  Jeremiah has no desire to be a parent as it will put a crimp in his nomadic lifestyle, but he finds the luscious woman who’s asking for this intimate favor very attractive.  At first he says no, but his answer soon becomes yes, with a few qualifications: he plans to do the deed the old-fashioned way and has to be in his child’s life. 

       Before they know it, the process of making Katie pregnant becomes the road to happily ever after.  But how many bumps will there be along the way?

What worked for me:          

       Katie is a sweet and wonderful person who deserves that happily-ever-after. And the author makes no bones about the fact that Katie is a big girl.  And I loved that Jeremiah finds her extremely attractive right from the beginning.  

       I also liked the descriptions of the small town and its inhabitants where the story takes place.  It was a very vivid and colorful background for the book.

      Size-wise Katie is described as being at least fifty pounds overweight and almost six feet tall.  In other words, a big girl. 

What didn't work for me:    

      I really enjoyed the book and I can’t say that there was anything that didn’t work for it.  It is a very short read, being a Silhouette Desire, but a great book all the same.


       "Baby at his Convenience" definitely appealed to me on several levels:  the realistically-sized heroine, the sexy hero, and the fact that the heroine faced the common biological clock dilemma of single women in their thirties.  It earns a place on my keeper shelf as well as an A+ rating.

       Warning: Very sensual but done in a tasteful manner.

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