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~Dangerous Curves~

by Jina Bacarr

Heroine: voluptuous


         Handsome Beverly Hills lawyer Holt Astin has returned home to Denmore, Arizona to settle his estranged late father's affairs and sell off Laguna, the family ranch.  Yet what he finds when he finally arrives in town makes him think twice about leaving again!


         Diner waitress Kasey Mitchell waited for ten years to hear from the love of her life who had left Denmore behind him, but when she finally saw him again she dumped eggs in his lap!  Not a surprising choice of actions given that he never answered her letters informing him about the birth of their son Logan, now an inquisitive 9 yr old. 


         The former lovers are then left to struggle with coming together again: Kasey, who is at a loss as to how to explain the truth of their relationship to the father-son pair, and Holt, who is trying to puzzle out why he'd been told that Kasey had died in an accident after he left.


          And just when it seems like the pair might be able to put the past behind them, something new crops up.  Kasey's sister, owner of "Allie's Clothes Alley", sets the waitress up with a plus size modeling contest that has the potential to change Kasey's life forever.


             So what does Kasey want more, a return to the life she thought she always wanted, or a chance at a new life that she'd never even dreamed was possible?


What worked for me:


            The characters were sympathetic, and though what drove them apart was a bit surprising their feelings about each other seemed real enough. (I particularly liked Holt's Apache heritage and Kasey's environmental and conservation interests.)


             I'm a sucker for makeovers, so it was fun to read about Kasey emerging from her chrysalis. Too bad there were no pictures to pore over!


            Size-wise Kasey had been voluptuous since the birth of her son, despite attempts at yo-yo dieting.  But she came to embrace her curves rather quickly.


What didn't work for me:


             There were a few minor technical issues in the writing, but other than that it was fine.




      This upbeat story should appeal to most readers of contemporary romance.


Warning: This book contains some mildly steamy passages.


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