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American Alan, Teresa "Who You Know"  Review/Excerpt
American Amos, Diana "Getting Personal" Review/Excerpt
I American Baer, Judy "The Whitney Chronicles" Review/Excerpt
American Ballis, Stacey "Inappropriate Men" Review/Excerpt
NEW! English Bagshawe, Louise "The Go-To Girl" Review/Excerpt
English Bagshawe, Louise "Venus Envy" Review/Excerpt
American Blumenthal, Deborah "Fat Chance" Review/Excerpt
 Y/A American Brashares, Ann  "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"  Review/Excerpt
Y/A American Brashares, Ann  "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2"  Review/Excerpt
American Brichoux, Karen "Coffee and Kung Fu" Review/Excerpt
American Brichoux, Karen "Separation Anxiety" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Canadian Burke, Bridget "Lucy's Launderette" Review/Excerpt
English Buchan, Elizabeth "Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman" Review/Excerpt
English Clementis, Francesca "Big Girls Don't Cry" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  T English Colgan, Jenny "The Boy I Loved Before" Review/Excerpt
My English Collins, Kate "Abby Knight" series Review/Excerpt

I English

Culliford, Penny "Theodora's Diary"   Review/Excerpt

I English

Culliford, Penny "Theodora's Wedding"   Review/Excerpt
American Cunnah, Michelle "32AA"   Review/Excerpt
 American  Curnyn, Lynda "Bombshell"   Review/Excerpt


Curnyn, Lynda "Confessions of an Ex-Girlfriend"   Review/Excerpt
American Donovan, Susan "He Loves Lucy" Review/Excerpt
American Dunn, Sarah "The Big Love" Review/Excerpt
English Durrant, Sabine "Having It and Eating It" Review/Excerpt
American Edwards, Johanna "The Next Big Thing" Review/Excerpt
American James-Enger, Kelly "Did You Get the Vibe?"  Review/Excerpt
American Frankel, Valerie "Smart Vs. Pretty" Review/Excerpt
English Fforde, Katie "Paradise Fields" Review/Excerpt
NEW! English Fforde, Katie "Second Thyme Around" Review/Excerpt
English Fforde, Katie "Wild Designs" Review/Excerpt
English Fielding, Helen The "Bridget Jones" series Review/Excerpt
Canadian Friedman, Elyse "Waking Beauty" Review/Excerpt
American Gaskell, Whitney "True Love and Other Lies"    Review/Excerpt
American Goldsmith, Olivia "Fashionably Late" Review/Excerpt
English Green, Jane "Bookends"  Review/Excerpt
English Green, Jane "Jemima J.: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings & Swans" Review/Excerpt
English Green, Jane "Straight-Talking"  Review/Excerpt
 American Grazer, Gigi Levangie "Maneater" Review/Excerpt
 I  American Gunn, Robin Jones  "Sisterchicks do the Hula" Review/Excerpt
I  American Gunn, Robin Jones  "Sisterchicks on the Loose" Review/Excerpt
 American Harrison, Suzette "Living on the Edge of Respectability" Review/Excerpt
 American Harrison, Suzette "When Perfect Ain't Possible" Review/Excerpt
American James-Enger, Kelly "White Bikini Panties"  Review/Excerpt
 English Jones, Christina "Hubble Bubble" Review/Excerpt
Y/A American Kaye, Amy "The Used-to-be It Girl" Review/Excerpt



Kellogg, Marne Davis "Brilliant" Review/Excerpt
Irish Kelly, Cathy "Someone Like You" Review/Excerpt
Irish Keyes, Marian "Angels"  Review/Excerpt
Irish Keyes, Marian "Last Chance Saloon"  Review/Excerpt
Irish Keyes, Marian "Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married"  Review/Excerpt
Irish Keyes, Marian "Rachel's Holiday"  Review/Excerpt
Irish Keyes, Marian "Watermelon"  Review/Excerpt
English Knight, India "My Life on a Plate"  Review/Excerpt
American Kwitney, Alisa "Dominant Blonde" Review/Excerpt
American Kwitney, Alisa "Till the Fat Lady Sings" Review/Excerpt
American Grazer, Gigi Levangie "Maneater" Review/Excerpt
American MacAlister, Katie "The Corset Diaries" Review/Excerpt
Y/A American Mackler, Carolyn "The Earth, My Butt, and Other round Things" Review/Excerpt
 American Markham, Wendy "Slightly Single" Review/Excerpt
 English Matthews, Carole "Bare Necessity" Review/Excerpt
 American Maverick, Liz "What a Girls Wants" Review/Excerpt
English Maxted, Anna "Behaving Like Adults" Review/Excerpt
English Maxted, Anna "Getting Over It" Review/Excerpt
Y/A American Maxwell, Katie "Eyeliner of the Gods" Review/Excerpt
American Medoff, Jillian "Good Girls Gone Bad" Review/Excerpt
American Mlynowski, Sarah "Fishbowl"  Review/Excerpt
American Mlynowski, Sarah "Monkey Business"  Review/Excerpt
 English Moore, Jane "Fourplay"  Review/Excerpt
Irish Murphy, Amanda "The Art of Lost Luggage" Review/Excerpt
English Naylor, Clare "Catching Alice" Review/Excerpt
 American Olson, Shannon "Welcome to my Planet Where English is Sometimes Spoken"  Review/Excerpt
English Parks, Adele "Larger than Life" Review/Excerpt
 American Phillips, Debra "The High Price of a Good Man" Review/Excerpt
American Rech, Lindsay Faith "Losing It"  Review/Excerpt
American Rose, Jackie "Slim Chance" Review/Excerpt
 American Sanchez, Patrick "The Way It Is" Review/Excerpt
NEW! I American Samson, Lisa "Tiger Lillie" Review/Excerpt
NEW! American Shortridge, Jennie "Eating Heaven" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  American Simon, Misty "Poison Ivy"   Review/Excerpt
American Smolinski, Jill "Flip-Flopped: A Novel" Review/Excerpt
American Schwarz, Robin "Night Swimming"  Review/Excerpt
  American  Templeton, Karen "Hanging by a Thread" Review/Excerpt
American Thayer, Nancy "The Hot Flash Club" Review/Excerpt
  American Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa "The Dirty Girls Social Club" Review/Excerpt
 American Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa "Playing with Boys" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Y/A American von Ziegesar, Cecily "Gossip Girls" series Review/Excerpt
NEW! American Waggener, Andrea Rains "Alternate Beauty"  Review/Excerpt
Irish Walker, Fiona "Snap Happy"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! American Walker, Laura Jensen "Dreaming in Black and White"  Review/Excerpt
 American Weiner, Jennifer "Good in Bed"  Review/Excerpt
 American Weiner, Jennifer "In Her Shoes"  Review/Excerpt
American Weiner, Jennifer "Little Earthquakes"  Review/Excerpt
English Weir, Arabella "Does My Bum Look Big in This?" Review/Excerpt
Y/A English Wilson, Jacqueline  "Girls" series Review/Excerpt
English Wolff, Isabel "Out of the Blue" Review/Excerpt
American Yardley, Cathy "L.A. Woman" Review/Excerpt







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