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~The Star Princess~

by Susan Grant

      Heroine:   curvaceous

      Pampered playboy Prince Ché Vedla of the planet Eiryea is caught in the middle of conflicting royal intrigues.  His family is in danger of losing face in the Federation because his betrothed has thrown him over for another man, whom Ché's brother Klark is under house arrest for trying to murder. Ché's advisors decide the best way around the situation would be for him to marry before his former fiancée does.  But Ché, though willing to do what duty and honor requires of him, doesn't want to stick around through the process of finding himself the correct bride.  So he hightails it to Earth--and meets with none other than the sister of the man who stole his fiancée!

     To the world at large, independent filmmaker Ilana Hamilton looks like a strong woman.  But deep down she is afraid.  Afraid of flying.  Afraid of commitment.  Afraid of having her heart broken.  But one thing she is not afraid of is Prince Ché  Vedla.  He's simply the arrogant, annoying, uninvited houseguest (and soon-to-be-brother-in-law) who turned up on her doorstep unannounced in the dead of night.  Clearly, it's not her fault she doused a Prince of the galaxy with pepper spray!

      But sparks are soon flying between the two and before long it looks like things will be getting spicier than the contents of the canister Ilana erroneously emptied on Ché.

      If only he wasn't bound by eleven thousand years of tradition to marry a Vash Nadah woman who is his equal!

      What worked for me:

      Ilana and the ultra-Alpha male Ché were great characters and the culture clash that resulted from their interactions was very amusing at times.

      I loved the fact that the Conan-type bodyguard in the story (named Muffin of all things!) really dug thick chicks.

       And hopefully Ms. Grant's vision of the future comes true in at least one respect: all the cars on the CA freeways in her story are electric.

      Size-wise Ilana was barely described and would have been considered an "everywoman" character but for the briefest of references to her strong, shapely figure.

What didn't work for me:

      Dropping into the middle of this series wasn't a problem for me as I felt I got a fairly good background on what was happening in this universe.  But those who have already read "The Star Prince" and "The Star King" may possibly find themselves scanning past the background passages so they can find out what's new in the Star world.


       I'd recommend this sexy, enjoyable story to fans of futuristic romances, but it's not for sci-fi addicts looking for a book with hard science between its pages.

      Warning: The Prince has a brief steamy dalliance with one of his courtesans in the beginning of the story, and there are some other spicy passages later on in the book as well.

     If you liked "The Star Princess" you might also enjoy "Ascendant Sun", "StarKissed", "Star-Crossed Lovers", "Oracle", the "Darkover" series, "Channeling Cleopatra", "Cosm", "HomeGoing", "A Civil Campaign", "Memory", "Mirror Dance", "Cleopatra 7.2", "The Petaybee Trilogy", "Khorii", the "Mike Callahan" series, or "Time Pressure".

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