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~Sorrows of Adoration~

by Kimberly Chapman

Heroine: voluptuous and sturdy


           Copper-haired barmaid Aenna harbored hopes that a kind merchant might fix his eye on her, marry her, and whisk her away from the Traveler's Torch to a new life, just so long as the life was an exciting one and she wasn't only to be barely remembered as so-and-so's wife at the end of her days.  But she never dreamed what fate had in store for her instead.


             Eavesdropping on new and interesting customers was one way to pass the time more pleasantly while working, but Aenna was chilled to the bone one evening when she overheard a group of ruffians planning for crown Prince Kurit's demise and toasting to his last night among mortals.


             In a panic and unsure with whom to trust the vile news, Aenna fled into the night, running as quickly as she could for the outpost the Prince was rumored to be visiting. Bursting through the doors, she delivered the message to the handsome young heir to the throne and pleaded with him to save himself.


             Unwilling to leave her behind to face the wrath of the assassins, the Prince and his bodyguard whisked her away with them, splitting the tiny group up farther down the road so as to confuse the would-be killers.  Aenna makes the arduous trek through the woods to slip unseen into the capital city with the Prince's own cousin and bodyguard, Jarik.  By the time they reach the city gates Aenna has fallen deeply in love with this handsome, smiling man.


             But can there be a happily-ever-after for a peasant girl in love with a high ranking member of the court?


What worked for me:


              Aenna is a heroine who is easy to cheer on.  The story is told from her point of view, so the reader gets to know her intimately.


             There is some very good dialogue in this book, and it helps you to slip into the culture of this world.


             The dynamic between Jarik, Kurit, and Aenna was very interesting. 


             Even though there tragic elements to the story, I felt overall that it held a lot of positive messages within its pages.        


             Size-wise Aenna was not fashionably willowy like the ladies of the court, and had the good sense not to warp her figure with an uncomfortable corset.  She did lose weight at one point, but not by her choice.


What didn't work for me:


            The writing could have used some minor polishing here and there.


            I'm hard-pressed to imagine a worse mother-in-law!          




             Aptly titled, "Sorrows of Adoration" is an engaging tale sure to please many a reader.


Warning: There are some steamy scenes in this book.  Also, it's labeled a fantasy because it takes place in another world, but there are no magical elements in it.


If you liked "Sorrows of Adoration" you might also enjoy the "Lady of the Knife", "Time of the Twins", "Darkover" series, "The Conqueror"or "Earth Song"

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