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by Mary Kirk

Heroine: voluptuous

          Nurse midwife Kate Morgan doesn't know how to take a break.  Not from keeping an eye on her siblings, or from monitoring the health of the residents of her tiny hometown Bourner's Crossing.  So when her ankle has a break of its own during a torrential downpour in the middle of the woods, she has no choice but to slow down.  Lucky for her a handsome stranger materializes from the mists to aid her.


          Seeking refuge from the storm in her gallant rescuer's cabin, Kate is shocked to see him slanting an appraising glance her way every now and then.  It's been quite some time since a man has looked at her that way, and having one do so now gives her butterflies in her stomach despite the pain in her leg. But she's far more shocked when he strips off his sopping wet shirt and reveals a gruesome, scar-covered torso.


           Attraction mingled with a need to nurture prompts Kate to make friendly overtures toward the standoffish man as he drives her home to safety, and a tenuous relationship is formed between the two.  But as the days pass Kate notices during their brief courtship that something doesn't add up about Sam, a recluse who wants to reach out to people and help them despite his desire for extreme privacy.   And most intriguingly, odd things seem to be happening in town lately since Sam's arrival.  Things that by the laws of nature should never happen.


          Is Kate suffering from paranoia or is there some connection between her new swain and the mysterious goings on?


What worked for me:


           I always like a tough guy who's a sucker for kids, and Sam is certainly that.  And his having been a Navy jet jockey doesn't hurt either.   I also really liked Katie, who was down to earth, sweet, loving, and capable.  Also, I loved seeing her work at her job as a nurse midwife. (What can I say, I'm nuts about babies.)


           I'm not a fan of books where the hero and heroine jump into bed within minutes of meeting each other, so "Miracles" scored points with me on that count by letting Sam and Katie get to know each other first.


            Size-wise Katie was curvy but figured most guys saw her as the big sister type. Sam, however, thought she was soft and sexy and delicious and made sure she knew it!


What didn't work for me:


            I loved the ending, but I could have used a one-year-later prologue just to see how things were going for everyone.




             "Miracles" is well-written, charming and sexy all at once.  Fans of paranormal and contemporary romances should really enjoy this one, but if you don't go for supernatural experiences, this book may not be to your tastes.


Warning: Though "Miracles" is considered inspirational it isn't a Christian romance.  It contains some sensual passages and a smattering of curse words.


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