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~Night Play~

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

A guest review by Danielle Hill


Heroine: abundant


          Bride McTierney thought she would never recover from her broken heart when her long-term boyfriend tossed her aside because her plus-sized physique didnít fit his upwardly mobile lifestyle. Not until two-legged wolf Vane Kattalakis seduced away her tears, anyway. She treasured the experience as a sweet memory to ease her pain, thinking he was just hers for one night. But her connection with Vane is destined to last a lifetime, at least for him.


         It turns out that the most beautiful woman that Vane Kattalakis has ever laid eyes on, a human woman at that, is his bride-to-be whether he likes it or not. And he has but six weeks to convince her to become his true mate, or he will spend the rest of his very long life neutered.  For Vane is a Katagaria, a wolf who can take the form of a mortal--and a powerful one at that. But he has enemies that he must protect the sweet, vulnerable and sexy Bride from until she decides whether or not to take him as her mate for eternity.


        Vane only hopes that he can keep himself from falling in love with her as he struggles to keep her alive.


What worked for me:


           "Night Play" has snappy dialogue, enough humor to induce boisterous laughter, and enough angst to drive you to tears. The dangerous situations that the characters find themselves in make you hold your breath, and the power of the love story causes your heart to beat faster. Vane is a sexy, tortured hero with enough taste to appreciate a real woman in Bride. He is tender and possessive and completely captivated with her. She is sweet and likeable, a woman you would want to be friends with in real life.  The sex scenes are very sensual but also emotional, serving to strengthen the connection between Bride and Vane. I loved how there was no question that he found her to be very sexy.


        "Night Play" also has some really great secondary characters, some of which are old friends from the previous books in the Dark Hunter series. Kenyon also introduces new characters that definitely show their capability of carrying their own novels in the future.


            I also really enjoyed the deft way in which Kenyon played out dysfunctional family dynamics and agonies with a uniquely dangerous edge. Vaneís family really doesnít get along, to the point that they want him dead. His mother actually nearly beat him to death when he was a helpless puppy because of her hatred for his father. You hurt for him that he truly feels alone except for his brother Fang, who languishes in a coma. His family troubles truly put my own into perspective. You want Vane to find happiness and tenderness with Bride, little of which he has had in his long life.


           Size-wise Bride is a bona fide size eighteen, and Vane sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world.


What didn't work for me:


             There was nothing about this book that wasnít done right. I hated to see it end.



             I canít sing this novelís praises enough. If you want to read an excellent story full of unforgettable characters, sizzling sex, and humor, with a sexy hero and beautiful plus-sized heroine, youíve got to go out and grab this one.

            If you liked "Night Play" you might also enjoy the Halloween reading list or one of the other wonderful Dark Hunter series installments that reveal the intriguing world of the Were-Hunter.

Warning: Spicy (but tasteful) love scenes, and there are some descriptions of violence that might stir the mild-mannered reader. 

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