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  ~Abundant Heroines~

(and heroes)

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NOTE:  Size is such a subjective matter that I'm leaving it up to visitors of the site to make their own decision book-by-book based on the excerpts and reviews provided.  So many of the novels, whether written about a heroine who is size 12 or 22, use the same wonderful descriptive language when referring to their curves: ample, soft, lush, luscious, voluptuous, etc etc   (You can use the search page to find reviews of books with a specific size heroine.)  I'd hate for anyone to miss out on a great book just because it wasn't marked a certain way size-wise. 


 However if you are only interested in plus-size books there are some authors, editors, and publishers who do focus exclusively on women over size 14. (Bear in mind there are many authors in the database who have written some plus-size heroines who aren't included in this particular list, so again I suggest you check the reviews of titles that catch your eye. :^) )



Anthology  "Big Girls Don't Cry"


Poetry E Carter, C.C. "Body Language" Review/Excerpt
  Anthology "The Folly of Assumption" Review/Excerpt
C Anthology "Living Large"  Review/Excerpt
C Anthology  "Love at Large"  Review/Excerpt
F Anthology "Such a Pretty Face" Review/Excerpt
C e Anthology "Tales from the Heart"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Anthology "What Are You Looking At?" Review/Excerpt
 C Anthology "Whole Lotta Love" Review/Excerpt
E Anthology "Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica"   Review/Excerpt
 C e Anthology "At Long Last, Love!"  Judy Bagshaw Review/Excerpt
C Anthology "Sistahood of Shopaholics"  Review/Excerpt
F Adams, Douglas "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Review/Excerpt
F Adams, Douglas "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Review/Excerpt
C Allen, Rida "Great Love"  Review/Excerpt
C Allen, Rida "The Legacy Tree"  Review/Excerpt
C Allen, Rida "Truth and Lies"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Anstey, F. "Vice Versa" Review/Excerpt
C e Bagshaw, Judy "Beyond Reason" short story Review/Excerpt
NEW! C S e Bagshaw, Judy "Big Fat Lies" short story Review/Excerpt
C e Bagshaw, Judy "Lady Blue" Review/Excerpt
Y/A e Bagshaw, Judy "Love by the Pound" Review/Excerpt
C e Bagshaw, Judy "Teacher's Pet" Review/Excerpt
C Ballard, Pat "His Brother's Child" Review/Excerpt
C Ballard, Pat "Nobody's Perfect" Review/Excerpt
C Ballard, Pat "Wanted: One Groom" Review/Excerpt
C Ballard, Pat "A Worthy Heir" Review/Excerpt
G/F Ballis, Stacey "Inappropriate Men" Review/Excerpt
H e Bennett, Charlotte "The Last Days of a Rake" Review/Excerpt
C Berry, Venise "All of Me"  Review/Excerpt
H W Beraru, Elise Dee "The Hero's Best Friend" Review/Excerpt
 C Blumenthal, Deborah "Fat Chance" Review/Excerpt
 N/F Browne, Jill Conner "The Sweet Potato Queens" series Review/Excerpt
C Browning, Dixie "More to Love" Review/Excerpt
 C Bryant, Niobia "Heavenly Match" Review/Excerpt
H Burkhardt, Mary "Highland Ecstasy"  Review/Excerpt
C Campbell, Terry "Fat Chance"  Review/Excerpt
C Campbell, Terry "Intimate Investor"  Review/Excerpt
C Campbell, Terry "Mr. Wrong"  Review/Excerpt
C Donovan, Susan "He Loves Lucy" Review/Excerpt
 G/F Edelson, Julie "The Fat Friend" Review/Excerpt
NEW! My Edwards, Anne "Death on Delivery" Review/Excerpt
G/F Edwards, Johanna "The Next Big Thing" Review/Excerpt
Poetry/Stories e Edwards, L. "Watch Out for the Big Girls" Review/Excerpt
My Eichler, Selma "Desiree Shapiro" series  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Y/A Embree, Michelle "Manstealing for Fat Girls" Review/Excerpt
G/F Endo, Shusaku "Scandal" Review/Excerpt
C Foster, Lori "Too Much Temptation" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  P Fox, Andrew "Bride of the Fat White Vampire" Review/Excerpt
NEW! P Fox, Andrew "Fat White Vampire Blues" Review/Excerpt
My Gardner, Erle Stanley/A. A. Fair "B. Cool" series   Review/Excerpt
 C Gardner, Theodore Roosevelt "Give Gravity a Chance"  Review/Excerpt
My George, Ann Carroll "Southern Sisters" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Green, Jane "Jemima J.: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings & Swans" Review/Excerpt
G/F Green, Jane "Straight-Talking"  Review/Excerpt
 My Greenwood, Kerry "Earthly Delights"  Review/Excerpt
My Grimes, Terris McMahan "Somebody Else's Child" Review/Excerpt
My Grimes, Terris McMahan "Blood Will Tell" Review/Excerpt
 G/F Harrison, Suzette "Living on the Edge of Respectability" Review/Excerpt
G/F Harrison, Suzette "When Perfect Ain't Possible" Review/Excerpt
C Hendrix, Lisa "Runaway Bay" Review/Excerpt
G/F Horb, Shifra  "Fairest of All Women" Review/Excerpt
My Isenberg, Jane  the "Bel Barrett" series Review/Excerpt
C Jackson, Monica "The Look Of Love" Review/Excerpt
My Jaffarian, Sue Ann the "Odelia Grey" series   Review/Excerpt
Jones, Sally-Ann "China or Elsewhere" Review/Excerpt
Y/A C Kaye, Amy "The Used-to-be It Girl" Review/Excerpt
P F Kenyon, Sherrilyn "Night Play"  Review/Excerpt
H Kleypas, Lisa "Suddenly You" Review/Excerpt
C E Ladd, Ashley "American Beauty" Review/Excerpt
G/F Lamb, Wally "She's Come Undone" Review/Excerpt
My Le Carre, John the George Smiley series Review/Excerpt
E C e  Lee,  Marilyn "The Fall of Troy" Review/Excerpt
E C e  Lee,  Marilyn "Full-Bodied Charmer" Review/Excerpt
My Leslie, John "Gideon Lowry" series Review/Excerpt
My Lippman, Laura "Tess Monaghan" series Review/Excerpt
 N/F Lynn, Bunkie "The Big Girls' Guide to Life: A Plus-Sized Jaunt Through a Body-Obsessed World" Review/Excerpt
C MacAlister, Katie "The Corset Diaries" Review/Excerpt
B Manheim, Camryn "Wake Up, I'm Fat!" Review/Excerpt
My McInery, Ralph "Celt and Pepper" Review/Excerpt
My McInery, Ralph "Green Thumb" Review/Excerpt
My McKevett, G. A ."Savannah Reid" series  Review/Excerpt
H Medeiros, Teresa "The Bride and the Beast"  Review/Excerpt
B Mo'Nique "Skinny Women are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World"  Review/Excerpt
My Munger, Katy  "Casey Jones" series Review/Excerpt
My Murray, Lynne "Josephine Fuller" series Review/Excerpt
My Neely, Barbara "Blanche White" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Orwell, George "Coming Up for Air" Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Palmer, Liza  "Conversations with the Fat Girl"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Payne, Peggy "Sister India" Review/Excerpt
N/F Peck, Cheryl "Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs" Review/Excerpt
G/F  Phillips, Debra "The High Price of a Good Man" Review/Excerpt
G/F Proulx, Annie "The Shipping News" Review/Excerpt
 C Quinn, Kathleen "Leaving Winter" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Sachs, Marilyn "The Fat Girl" Review/Excerpt
G/F Sanchez, Patrick "The Way It Is" Review/Excerpt
My Schanker, D. R. "Nora Lumsey" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Selby, Mary "Gargoyles and Port" Review/Excerpt
N/F Shanker, Wendy "The Fat Girl's Guide to Life" Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Shortridge, Jennie "Eating Heaven" Review/Excerpt
My Smith, Alexander McCall "Precious Ramotswe" series Review/Excerpt
My Smith, Julie "Skip Langdon" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Stinson, Susan "Venus of Chalk" Review/Excerpt
My Stout, Rex "Nero Wolfe" series Review/Excerpt
My Swanson, Denise "Skye Dennison" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Schwarz, Robin "Night Swimming"  Review/Excerpt
 My Taylor, Kathleen the "Tory Bauer" series Review/Excerpt
 C Tyner, Marilyn "Love is not Enough" Review/Excerpt
C Tyner, Marilyn "Step by Step" Review/Excerpt
C Usher, Natasha "Ladies Choice" Review/Excerpt
G/F Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa "Playing with Boys" Review/Excerpt
 G/F H Vreeland, Susan "The Forest Lover" Review/Excerpt
 G/F Vonnegut, Kurt "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F C Waggener, Andrea Rains "Alternate Beauty"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! I G/F C Walker, Laura Jensen "Dreaming in Black and White"  Review/Excerpt
e Walker, Neff "Emotional Ties"     
C Walker, Neff "An Abundant Woman"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Weiner, Jennifer "Good in Bed"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Weiner, Jennifer "In Her Shoes"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Weiner, Jennifer "Little Earthquakes"  Review/Excerpt
F Weis, Margaret "Time of the Twins" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Wersba, Barbara "Fat: A Love Story"  Review/Excerpt
 C P White, Lori Ann "Etta Mae's Little Theory"  Review/Excerpt
C Whitfield, Van  "Guys in Suits" Review/Excerpt
C Whitfield, Van "Something's Wrong with Your Scale" Review/Excerpt
C Wilde, Lori "Mission Irresistible" Review/Excerpt










Good-bye, Mom.

I love you and will miss you forever.


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