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~Odelia Grey~

Mystery series

by Sue Ann Jaffarian

1. Too Big to Miss 2. Curse of the Holy Pail

Heroine: Abundant


      Sassy, classy, large and in charge.  That's corporate paralegal Odelia Grey for you in a nutshell.  But if you crave a little more information on her you might be interested to also know that she owns a green pet cat named Seamus. (Yes, really!)  And her curiosity, impulsiveness, and a knack for being in the right place but at the wrong time lead her into some hair-raising situations. 


       Fortunately Odelia's a sharp cookie and can think her way out of most predicaments, and for those she can't get out of on her own she has a great group of friends to provide back-up.


What worked for me:

        I had a blast taking a joy-ride in Odelia's head.  She's very perceptive and has a great sense of humor.

         The mysteries keep you guessing, but aren't so difficult as to be off-putting to non-mystery buffs.

         Her gentleman friend Greg was quite yummy and his appearance in the story offered a nice touch of romance for fans of that genre.

        Size-wise Odelia is middle-aged, quite short and rather round. She's been working for a long time at accepting herself, and her support group Reality Check has been very helpful in making that happen. I'm glad that Odelia is starting to speak up for herself and is learning not to be cowed by clothing sales clerks afflicted with superiority complexes!


What didn't work for me:

          I didn't mind it because it's both a cause dear to my heart as well as an integral part of the story, but some folks who aren't into the size acceptance movement might feel uncertain about that part of the first book.  However, size is not the main issue in the second story.  And it's certainly no reason not to pick up this excellent series.


          I hate cliffhangers in series, but that's what keeps people coming back for more!



          Packed with clever humor, vibrant prose, sympathetic characters, and brilliant mysteries, the Odelia grey series is the total package and is highly recommended for fans of mystery and romantic suspense.

           Warning: there are some steamy scenes here and there in this story.

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