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My McBride, Susan the "Debutante Dropout" series Review/Excerpt
Y/A McCarthy, Maureen "Queen Kat, Carmel and St. Jude Get A Life" Review/Excerpt
My McCafferty, Barbara Taylor/Herald, Beverly Taylor "Bert and Nan" series Review/Excerpt
 My McCafferty, Taylor "Ruffled Feathers" Review/Excerpt
 e E W H McCarty, Sarah "Promises Prevail" Review/Excerpt
C McClatchey, Deborah "Bum Magnet" Review/Excerpt
C McClatchey, Deborah "Joint Tenants"  Review/Excerpt
C McClatchey, Deborah "So Much for Illusion"  Review/Excerpt
NEW!N/F McClure, Wendy "I'm Not the New Me"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "Heaven in Your Eyes"  Review/Excerpt
C P S McCoy, Judi "Heaven Sent"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "I Dream of You"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "Match Made in Heaven"  Review/Excerpt
C T McCoy, Judi "Say You're Mine"  Review/Excerpt
F McCoy, Judi "Wanted: One Perfect Man"  Review/Excerpt
NEW!  F McCoy, Judi "Wanted: One Sexy Night"  Review/Excerpt
NEW!  F McCoy, Judi "Wanted: One Special Kiss"  Review/Excerpt
C P McCoy, Judi "You're the One"  Review/Excerpt
My McCrumb, Sharyn the Elizabeth MacPherson series  Review/Excerpt
McDaniel, Sylvia "Sunlight on Josephine Street"  Review/Excerpt
F McDevitt, Jack "The Hercules Text Review/Excerpt
My McInery, Ralph "Celt and Pepper" Review/Excerpt
My McInery, Ralph "Green Thumb" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C W McKade, Kim "That Kind of Girl" Review/Excerpt
NEW! H W McKade, Maureen "A Dime Novel Hero" Review/Excerpt
C S McKenna, Lindsey "Destiny's Woman" Review/Excerpt
C S McKenna, Lindsey "Daughter of Destiny" Review/Excerpt
C S McKenna, Lindsey "Firstborn" Review/Excerpt
C McKenna, Lindsey "Morgan's Honor" Review/Excerpt
C McKenna, Lindsey "Morgan's Legacy" Review/Excerpt
My McKevett, G. A. "Savannah Reid" series  Review/Excerpt
C S McKinney, Meagan "Still of the Night"  Review/Excerpt
My McLynn, Pauline the Leo Street series Review/Excerpt
P S McMahon, Maureen "Return of the Gulls" Review/Excerpt
P S McMahon, Maureen "Shadows in the Mist" Review/Excerpt
G/F McMillan, Terry "Mama"  Review/Excerpt
G/F McMillan, Terry "Waiting to Exhale" Review/Excerpt
H Medeiros, Teresa "The Bride and the Beast"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Medoff, Jillian "Good Girls Gone Bad" Review/Excerpt
G/F Medoff, Jillian "Hunger Point" Review/Excerpt
NEW! G/F Mendelssohn, John "Waiting for Kate Bush" Review/Excerpt
 My Mercer, Judy "Fast Forward" Review/Excerpt
My Meredith, Marilyn "Deadly Omen" Review/Excerpt
My Meredith, Marilyn "Unequally Yoked" Review/Excerpt
S C Michaels, Barbara "Shattered Silk" Review/Excerpt
My Michaels, Barbara "The Dancing Floor" Review/Excerpt
C Michaels, Fern "Plain Jane" Review/Excerpt
C Michaels, Fern "Dear Emily"   Review/Excerpt
C Michaels, Kasey "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" Review/Excerpt
NEW! R Michaels, Kasey "Escapade" Review/Excerpt
My Michaels, Monette "Death Benefits" Review/Excerpt
P Michaels, Monette "Fatal Vision" Review/Excerpt
My Michaels, Monette "Vested Interests" Review/Excerpt
F Miller, Janet "Lady of the Knife"  Review/Excerpt
C Miller, Julie "Carnal Innocence"  Review/Excerpt
C S Miller, Julie "In the Blink of an Eye"  Review/Excerpt
C Miller, Julie "Intimate Knowledge"  Review/Excerpt
R Miller, Nadine "The Duke's Dilemma"  Review/Excerpt
My Mitchell, Jane "And Grace Will Lead Me Home"  Review/Excerpt
 G/F Mlynowski, Sarah "Fishbowl"  Review/Excerpt
 G/F Mlynowski, Sarah "Monkey Business"  Review/Excerpt
T Moning, Karen Marie "Kiss of the Highlander" Review/Excerpt
Y/A H Montgomery, Lucy Maud the Anne of Green Gables series Review/Excerpt
B Mo'Nique "Skinny Women are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small-Minded World"  Review/Excerpt
 NEW! C Monroe, Lucy "The Real Deal"  Review/Excerpt
G/F H Moorcock, Michael "Gloriana"  Review/Excerpt
P Moore, James "Under the Overtree"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Moore, Jane "Fourplay"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Moran, Thomas "Water, Carry Me"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Morgan, Susan "Confluence"  Review/Excerpt
G/F Morrison, Toni "The Bluest Eye"  Review/Excerpt
H W Morsi, Pamela "Courting Miss Hattie"  Review/Excerpt
H W Morsi, Pamela "No Ordinary Princess" Review/Excerpt
My Munger, Katy "Casey Jones" series Review/Excerpt
E F Munro, Shelley "Never Send a Dog to do a Woman's Job" Review/Excerpt
G/F Murphy, Amanda "The Art of Lost Luggage" Review/Excerpt
 My Murray, Donna Huston "Ginger Barnes" series Review/Excerpt
G/F Murray, J. J. "Something Real" Review/Excerpt
My Murray, Lynne "Josephine Fuller" series Review/Excerpt
I H Murray, Tamela Hancock "Loveswept" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C Myers, Cindi "Learning Curves" Review/Excerpt
My Myers, Tamar "Magdalena Yoder" series Review/Excerpt

M Authors: Page 1, Page 2


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