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~Coming Home to Texas~

by Victoria Chancellor

A guest review by Alana Morales

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Heroine: tall and sturdy

     Jodie Marsh has everything she wants – a glamorous modeling career, a condo on the ocean in California, and a supportive family in her mother and sister.  And now, she’s going to have a baby. 

    Not wanting to ruin her ‘girl next door’ modeling campaign, she determines that she has one choice--to marry the baby’s father.  The problem?  He lives over one thousand miles away and they haven’t spoken since their passionate weekend in Monte Carlo. 

    When Jodie flies to Texas, she plans to get sexy architect Travis Whitaker to agree to a temporary marriage to save her career.  Unfortunately for her, Travis has already made other plans, in the form of a vow to never get married again.  Ever.  But that was before his impending fatherhood.  Now he wants to do things up right.

     And Jodie quickly discovers that what she wants and what she gets are two very different things.

What worked for me:     

     This book was a fun read and a tasteful romance novel. Once I got into the story, I couldn’t wait to read what happened next.  The characters were well developed and likable, and the dialogue was very believable with the exception of one or two scenes. 

      The author didn’t waste the reader’s time by bogging them down with irrelevant details.  There was just enough information given about extended characters to keep the story moving, but not make you wonder more about them. The setting was well described and when I read, I could see the places described in my mind.  Instead of being told where things were taking place, I could see it happen.

      Size-wise Jodie is described as having a “sturdy and athletic build.”  She is described favorably by the hero many times and the fact that she is a model helps to show plus-sized women in a positive light.

What didn't work for me:    

       I would say that 98% of this book worked for me.  There were one or two spots where I felt the size references were a little forced in the dialogue, but other than that, I really enjoyed this story. Even these forced references were not too bad.  It wouldn’t prevent me from purchasing it.  If it had an eye catching cover, and a good back blurb, I would buy this book in an instant!


       A very enjoyable read! I hope the author does well, because I would love to read more by her.

       Warning: there are some steamy scenes in this book.

~Another Opinion~

from guest reviewer Jenn Bennett

What worked for me:


      I thought it was a great story line. I loved the fact that Travis was a sensitive but manly man. I respected the fact that he stood up for his beliefs and was not afraid to show his concern, anger or pain.


      I also loved the fact that Jodie was a model and not hung up on her size 16 frame. This book reinforced that there are all types of models.


What didn't work for me:    


       Basically, I enjoyed the novel, but I felt rushed along in the story and in their relationship or lack there of. Moreover, I was never truly convinced that their lust for one another had truly turned into love.




       The book is a nice romance that those who read contemporary romance novels with strong and self-assured heroines would really enjoy.


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