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~Suite Seduction~

by Leslie Kelly

Heroine: plump/voluptuous


          Hotel chef Ruthie Sinclair has been to so many wedding lately: her older cousin's, her younger cousin's, and her own mother's.  But just when Ruthie feels motivated to move things along with her own fellow, he makes a run for it and leaves Ruthie to console herself with chocolate cake and champagne left over from the latest connubial bash at her family's business.


         Carefree bachelor and corporate hotel scout Robert Kendall is always on the prowl for a new addition to the Winchester chain of hotels.  He knows how to best gauge the quality of a potential acquisition, and that's to peek in the kitchens when no one else is around.  But to his surprise, his midnight excursion to the depths of the Kerrigan causes him to stumble upon a cute, if a bit teary and bleary eyed, red head elbow deep in chocolate cake.  Southern gentleman that he is, he can't help but inquire if she is all right. 


           One thing leads to another and this completely disparate pair find themselves falling for each other.   But what do you do when you are only compatible in bed, and find yourselves on opposite sides of a potentially ugly business merger to boot?


What worked for me:


           I liked Ruthie's taste in men (at least once she dumped the boyfriend) and ice cream.  (New York Super Fudge Chunk is divine!)


           The characters were sweet, and the story was at times sexy and funny.


           Size-wise Ruthie was soft and round.


What didn't work for me:


          You may have to check reality at the door of this particular hotel in order to believe how Ruthie unknowingly wound up in sexual heaven in Robert's bed.


          Ruthie fought maybe a bit too long against getting together with Robert for my tastes.  But she did have a point, which is that getting together with someone with whom you have nothing in common seems, well, pointless.


          I would have liked to have seen Monica get taken down a peg or three.  That would have been nice.



          "Suite Seduction" was a cute, quick read.  A good choice for the bubble bath.

Warning: This book has some steamy moments within its pages.

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