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~What a Girl Wants~

by Liz Maverick

Heroines: varied


          Work stinks.  Literally.  Or at least it does for Haley Jane Smith, who is surrounded by some very unhygienic coworkers.  She didn't even notice the funky odor wafting over from the adjacent cubicle, where fellow copywriter Fred Leary had died unnoticed--until Haley made a fateful visit to his side of the dividing wall.


           And things can only go downhill from there, as a shocked Haley Jane bumbles her way from one bad decision to the next:  feeling up the investigating police officer; asking for a raise but getting fired; and asking for support from her Girlie Brunch bunch, which lands her an appointment with an unusual new age guidance guru, as well as the starring role in her best friend's thesis on human sexuality.  If only Haley Jane's well-meaning friends could actually make good on their intentions to coach her through her man hunt and job search, maybe she could wind up with both the hunky cop and the career of her dreams! 


           Then again, knowing those girls, maybe not.   


What worked for me:


            There was plenty of humor in this story, along with some terrific (and sometimes hot) twists in the plot.  I'm not sure if the author has plans to do so, but the door was left open to revisit this fun group of gals at a later date.


            Size-wise the girls were varied. The main character, petite Haley Jane, didn't have size issues per se, but she did entertain fantasies of being a stacked, blonde, sharp shooting Amazonian member of Mensa.  Perhaps it had to do with the Bavarian bar maid's outfit she wore in one scene, but Haley Jane took on a decided Sandra Bullock-like appearance in my imagination.


What didn't work for me:


             There were a couple of scenes I could have lived without, and the writing could have been more polished.  Also I felt I didn't get to know the characters as deeply as I could have.



             "What a Girl Wants" is a sassy and sometimes silly read.  Grab a café latte and start up that bubble bath!


Warning: there are some coarse words and sexual scenarios in this book.


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