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  ~Young Adult and Children~
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 C Anthology "On the Fringe"  Review/Excerpt
 H Alcott, Louisa May "Little Women"  Review/Excerpt
C Anstey, F. "Vice Versa" Review/Excerpt
C Atkins, Nancy "Alt Ed" Review/Excerpt
e Bagshaw, Judy "Love by the Pound" Review/Excerpt
  Bauer, Joan "Rules of the Road" Review/Excerpt
  Bauer, Joan "Squashed" Review/Excerpt
  Benjamin, Carol Lea "Nobody's Baby Now" Review/Excerpt
  Bennett, Cherie "Life in the Fat Lane" Review/Excerpt
  Brashares, Ann  "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants"  Review/Excerpt
  Brashares, Ann  "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2"  Review/Excerpt
  Brooks, Kevin "Kissing the Rain" Review/Excerpt
  Busselle, Rebecca "Bathing Ugly"  Review/Excerpt
  Carr, Josephine "My Beautiful Fat Friend" Review/Excerpt
  Cavallaro, Ann "Blimp" Review/Excerpt
Clifford, Eth "The Remembering Box" Review/Excerpt
  Crutcher, Chris "Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes" Review/Excerpt
  Danziger, Paula "The Cat Ate My Gymsuit"  Review/Excerpt
  Dessen, Sarah "Keeping the Moon"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Y/A Embree, Michelle "Manstealing for Fat Girls" Review/Excerpt
  Ende, Michael "The Neverending Story" Review/Excerpt
  Elmore, Barbara "The Saviors of the Bugle" Review/Excerpt
  Fenner, Carol "Yolanda's Genius"  Review/Excerpt
  Fitzhugh, Louise "Nobody's Family is Going to Change"  Review/Excerpt
I Gemmen, Heather "Quit Looking At Me!" Review/Excerpt
NEW! C Going, K. L. "Fat Kid Rules the World"  Review/Excerpt
Greenberg, Jan "The Pig-Out Blues"  Review/Excerpt
Grove, Vicki "The Fastest Friend in the West"  Review/Excerpt
  Hayes, David "All American Dream Dolls"   Review/Excerpt
  Holland, Isabelle "Dinah and the Green Fat Kingdom" Review/Excerpt
Holt, Kimberly Willis "When Zachary Beaver Came to Town" Review/Excerpt
F Jones, Diana Wynne "Witch Week" Review/Excerpt
 C Kaye, Amy "The Used-to-be It Girl" Review/Excerpt
Kerr,  M. E. "Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack"  Review/Excerpt
  Kline, Lisa Williams "The Princesses of Atlantis" Review/Excerpt
Lipsyte, Robert "One Fat Summer" Review/Excerpt
Lynch, Chris "Slot Machine" Review/Excerpt
Lynch, Chris "Extreme Elvin" Review/Excerpt
  Mackler, Carolyn "The Earth, My Butt, and Other round Things" Review/Excerpt
C Maxwell, Katie "Eyeliner of the Gods" Review/Excerpt
H Montgomery, Lucy Maud the Anne of Green Gables series Review/Excerpt
NEW! Y/A Newman, Leslea "Fat Chance"   Review/Excerpt
Neugebauer Charise "Where is Henry?"   Review/Excerpt
G/F O'Connell, Rebecca "Myrtle of Willendorf" Review/Excerpt
F Odgers, Sally "Shadowdancers"  Review/Excerpt
 H Peck, Richard "A Long Way from Chicago" Review/Excerpt
 H Peck, Richard "A Year Down Yonder" Review/Excerpt
Perl, Lila the "Fat Glenda" series Review/Excerpt
Peters, Julie Anne "Revenge of the Snob Squad" Review/Excerpt
F Pierce, Tamora "Shatterglass" Review/Excerpt
Pinkwater, Daniel "The Artsy Smartsy Club" Review/Excerpt
Pinkwater, Daniel "Fat Camp Commandos" Review/Excerpt
Pinkwater, Daniel "Fat Camp Commandos Go West" Review/Excerpt
Pinkwater, Daniel "Looking for Bobowicz" Review/Excerpt
Pratt, Philip J. "His Grandfather's Cap" Review/Excerpt
 T Price, Susan "The Sterkarm" series Review/Excerpt
  Sachs, Marilyn "The Fat Girl" Review/Excerpt
  Sachar, Louis "Holes" Review/Excerpt
Shaw, Tucker "Flavor of the Week" Review/Excerpt
Simon, Jo Ann. "Star"   Review/Excerpt
Sinykin, Sheri Cooper "Next Thing to Strangers" Review/Excerpt
Smith, Doris Buchanan  "Last was Lloyd"  Review/Excerpt
Strasser, Todd  "How I Changed My Life" Review/Excerpt
Todd, Pamela "Pig and the Shrink" Review/Excerpt
Y/A Venokur, Ross "The Autobiography of Meatball Finkelstein" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Y/A von Ziegesar, Cecily "Gossip Girls" series Review/Excerpt
  Wersba, Barbara "Fat: A Love Story"  Review/Excerpt
H W Wilder, Laura Ingalls  "Little House" series Review/Excerpt
C Wilson, Jacqueline  "Girls" series Review/Excerpt
Zindel, Paul "The Pigman" Review/Excerpt











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