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~Heavy Mysteries~

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C Avery, Morgan (Shirley Kennett) the "P.J. Gray" series Review/Excerpt
C Barnes, Linda "Carlotta Carlyle" series Review/Excerpt
C Bains, K. H. "Dangerous Intent"  Review/Excerpt
C Baughman, Lynnette "Thin Disguise" Review/Excerpt
C Bland, Eleanor Taylor "Marti MacAlister" series Review/Excerpt
C e Clark, Mary Higgins "Weep No More, My Lady" Review/Excerpt
British C Cody, Liza the "Eva Wylie" series Review/Excerpt
 American C Constantine, K. C. "Saving Room for Dessert" Review/Excerpt
  Damron, Carla "The Night Lady" Coming Soon!
  Doppler, William Bryant "To Catch a Trone"  
  Doppler, William Bryant "Shadows of Bridal Veil"  
American C Gardner, Erle Stanley/A. A. Fair "B. Cool" series   Review/Excerpt
British C Gardner, Katy "The Mermaid's Purse" Review/Excerpt
American C Garner, Laura "Ain't Nobody's Bizness"    Review/Excerpt
British C Henderson, Lauren  the Sam Jones series Review/Excerpt
American C Henry, Angela the Kendra Clayton series Review/Excerpt
American C Highsmith, Patricia "Deep Water" Review/Excerpt
American C Hill, Bonnie Hearn "Killer Body" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! British C Hill, Reginald "Good Morning, Midnight" Review/Excerpt
American C Hovey, Joan Hall "Nowhere to Hide" Review/Excerpt
European C Hodgson, Barbara "The Sensualist" Review/Excerpt
British C Jones, Jill "Bloodlines" Review/Excerpt
American C Kijewski, Karen "Kat Scratch Fever" Review/Excerpt
American C King, Stephen "Dolores Claiborne" Review/Excerpt 
American C Kirk,  Diana "A Caduceus is for Killing" Review/Excerpt
American C Kirk, Diana "Murder in Musicland" Review/Excerpt
American C LaPlante, Lynda the Lorraine Page series Review/Excerpt
American C Lavene, Jim and Joyce the "Sharyn Howard" series Review/Excerpt
British C Le Carre, John the George Smiley series Review/Excerpt
American C Leslie, John "Gideon Lowry" series Review/Excerpt
 American C Lippman, Laura "Tess Monaghan" series Review/Excerpt
American C Malfi, Ronald Damien "The Space Between" Review/Excerpt
American C McKevett, G. A. "Savannah Reid" series  Review/Excerpt
American C Mercer, Judy "Fast Forward" Review/Excerpt
American C Meredith, Marilyn the "Tempe Crabtree" series Review/Excerpt
American C Michaels, Monette "Death Benefits" Review/Excerpt
 American P C Michaels, Monette "Fatal Vision" Review/Excerpt
American C Michaels, Monette "Vested Interests" Review/Excerpt
American C Neely, Barbara the "Blanche White" series Review/Excerpt
American C O'Connor, Kathleen "No Accident" Review/Excerpt
Overton, Arianna "Trapdoor"
American C Paretsky, Sara "V.I. Warshawski" Review/Excerpt
American C Patterson, James "The Women's Murder Club" series  Review/Excerpt
American C Pina, Gabrielle "Bliss: A Novel" Review/Excerpt
American C Prowell, Sandra West "Phoebe Siegel" series Review/Excerpt
NEW! Scottish C Rankin, Ian "Inspector Rebus" series  Review/Excerpt
English C Rendall, Ruth "Simisola"  Review/Excerpt
English H Reynolds, George W. M.  "The Mysteries of London" Review/Excerpt
American F  Robb, J. D. "In Death" series Review/Excerpt
American C Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor "Abuse of Power"  Review/Excerpt
 American C P Saul, John "Black Creek Crossing" Review/Excerpt
American C  Schanker, D. R. "Nora Lumsey" series Review/Excerpt
American C  Schmidt, Carol "Laney Samms" series Review/Excerpt
American C Smith, Julie "Skip Langdon" series Review/Excerpt
American C Staub, Wendy Corsi "Fade to Black" Review/Excerpt
American H  Stout, Rex "Nero Wolfe" series Review/Excerpt
American C Thurlo, Aimee and David the "Ella Clah" series Review/Excerpt
NEW! American C Tracy, P.J. "Monkeewrench" series Review/Excerpt
American C Washburn, Livia J. & James Reasoner "Tie a Black Ribbon" Review/Excerpt
American C Weiner, Zachary "City at Night"  Review/Excerpt
American C Wheat, Carolyn  the "Cass Jameson" series Review/Excerpt
British C Woodcraft, Elizabeth "Frankie Richmond" series Review/Excerpt






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