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~The Conqueror~

by Tracy L. Ranson

Heroine: voluptuous


     Kieran, Baron of Stratford left his unwanted fiancée to ride with King Richard to the Holy Land for the crusades. An unsigned missive stating that she was killed--by his brother Hugh, sends him back home post haste, where Kieran discovers he is now persona non grata in his own family castle.   He rides to the Abbey of St. Stephan with the hopes that his former tutor, Father Cesare, can be of some assistance in the matter.  But the church won't intervene, leaving Kieran with nowhere to turn but Constance, Duchess of Ravenwood, a childhood friend who has a mile long list of grievances against the young baron and is unlikely to be kind to him in his time of need.


      But Kieran discovers he has a weapon in this fight--his body. He senses at their meetings that Constance is drawn to him against her better judgment, so pursues her with a vengeance.  A night spent in passion makes him yearn for more from his childhood companion, but in the cold light of morning Constance decides he is not the man for her.


      Can Kieran convince Constance that he has changed and is finally worthy of her?  And can he protect her from a cruel old enemy who also would take her to wife--against her will?


What worked for me:


            I'm always a fan of medieval stories and love to see an underdog beat the villain.       


           Size-wise Constance was chubby as a child, and lost the extra weight when she learned the art of swordplay, but she still felt chubby at times.  I am very glad that Kieran planned to be with her no matter what her size. For me, that was the best part of the story!


What didn't work for me:


             There were some plot points that were a bit implausible to me, but since others might not think twice about them, I won't mention them here.


              I really wanted to like the hero and heroine, but I just didn't feel connected to them. For some folks they might seem feisty, but to me they felt a bit immature.




      Fans of medieval romances might enjoy this one.


Warning: there are some coarse words, sexual scenarios, violence, and weight loss in this book.


If you liked "The Conqueror" you might also enjoy "Earth Song", "The Accidental Bride", and "The Bride and the Beast".

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