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~Blushing Pink~

by Jill Winters

      Heroine: Average/Plump

      Reese Brock appears to have it all: a great part-time job in her favorite bookstore (working under the teeny-bopper-bitch-boss from Hades), an almost completed Ph.D. in History (with yet another boss from Hades, who calls her day and night, and NO dissertation in sight), a loving family (with a mother guaranteed to make a girl neurotic), and a terrific boyfriend (if you really go for a guy who kisses like a gagging goldfish).

      What Reese really wants though, is to ditch playing it safe with the bland boyfriend of convenience and the ghostwriting of dry textbooks, and instead pen the succulent novel she just knows she has hidden away in her soul.  And she wants to find a man she can truly connect with, someone who can make her burn.  Someone one like Brian Doren, who shared a magnificently hot New Year's Eve kiss with her two years ago and then promptly dropped out of her life, only to now reappear as the best man at her little sister's upcoming wedding!

       Does Reese have the guts to make her fantasies a reality, or will she be forever stuck playing it safe?

      What worked for me:

    This book was wickedly funny, and the terrific sexual tension was sizzling not only between the main characters but in the secondary romance as well.

       Ms. Winters has a real knack for vividly portraying antagonists; you just love to hate them!

       Size-wise this is another case of a character being assigned a small dress size size but whose descriptions are definitely friendly to larger women.  Reese thought she was chubby and pear-shaped; the hero thought she was soft and voluptuous.

What didn't work for me:

     The book just cruised along for me until I hit the wedding rehearsal and ceremony scenes; then things fell a bit flat, mainly because the hero and heroine got locked into a downward spiral of juvenile attitudes and behaviors.  Fortunately the yummy ending, all tied up in a pretty little bow, made up for this.

      Can I just say that I really hated the mother in this story??  Imagine Ross and Monica's mother from "Friends" . . then make her ten times worse!


     Fans of Chick Lit who want more steamy romance in their stories should enjoy this one.

    Warning: this book features coarse language, spicy sex scenes, and a bit of weight loss.

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