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~Contemporary Romance~

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see also Chick Lit, Intrigue, Inspirational, Police and Military, and Westerns

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  Ivers, Kate "Midsummer Lightning" Review/Excerpt
Jackson, Monica "The Look of Love" Review/Excerpt
e Jerrott, Michelle "A Great Catch" Review/Excerpt
e Johnson, Pamela "A Touch of Heather" short story Review/Excerpt
e Jones, Christina "Going the Distance" Review/Excerpt
e Jones, Christina "Nothing to Lose" Review/Excerpt
Jones, Luanne "The Dixie Belle's Guide To Love" Review/Excerpt
Jones, Sally-Ann "China or Elsewhere" Review/Excerpt
Jordan, Alexis H. "Mistaken Image" Review/Excerpt
NEW!  Jump, Shirley "The Devil Served Tortellini" Review/Excerpt
Keller, Kathryn "Love’s Rocky Road" Review/Excerpt
  Kelley, Karen "Southern Exposure" Review/Excerpt
  Kelly, Leslie "Suite Seduction" Review/Excerpt
  Kendall, Karen "Someone Like Him" Review/Excerpt
  Kendall, Karen "I've Got You Babe" Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Kenner, Julie "Reckless" Review/Excerpt
Kent, Alison "No Strings Attached" Review/Excerpt
Korbel, Kathleen "Sail Away" Review/Excerpt
Krentz, Jayne Ann "Lady's Choice" Review/Excerpt
Krentz, Jayne Ann "Perfect Partners" Review/Excerpt
Krentz, Jayne Ann "Whirlwind Courtship" Review/Excerpt
e Lavene, Joyce and Jim "The Magician and the Sorceress-Accountant" short story Review/Excerpt
Larence, Anna "Give and Take" Review/Excerpt
Lawrence, Terry "Before I Wake" Review/Excerpt
LeClaire, Day "Jinxed" Review/Excerpt
Lee,  Miranda "Fantasies and the Future" Review/Excerpt
Leigh, Jo "Catching His Eye" Review/Excerpt
MacAlister, Katie "The Corset Diaries" Review/Excerpt
MacFarland, Gail "When Love Calls" Review/Excerpt
  MacGregor, Cynthia  "An Appetite for Passion"  Review/Excerpt
MacGregor, Cynthia "Moon Love" Review/Excerpt
MacGregor, Cynthia "One Heart's Opinion" Review/Excerpt
  Macomber, Debbie "16 Lighthouse Road" Review/Excerpt
Macomber, Debbie "A Matter of Marriage" Review/Excerpt
e Madison, Maggie "Pinch Me" Review/Excerpt
 e Madison, Maggie "Twenty Fixes from a Chocolate Addict" short story Review/Excerpt
NEW! Mallery, Susan "Dream Groom" Review/Excerpt
Mallery, Susan "The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride" Review/Excerpt
Mallery, Susan "The Wedding Ring Promise" Review/Excerpt
Manees, Raynetta "Fantasy" Review/Excerpt
Marks, Kathy "Seducing Sydney" Review/Excerpt
McClatchey, Deborah "Bum Magnet" Review/Excerpt
McClatchey, Deborah "Joint Tenants"  Review/Excerpt
McClatchey, Deborah "So Much for Illusion"  Review/Excerpt
Michaels, Fern "Plain Jane" Review/Excerpt
  Michaels, Fern "Dear Emily"   Review/Excerpt
  Miller, Julie "Carnal Innocence"  Review/Excerpt
 NEW! Monroe, Lucy "The Real Deal"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Myers, Cindi "Learning Curves" Review/Excerpt
Napier, Susan "Mistress of the Groom" Review/Excerpt
  Napier, Susan "Phantom Lover" Review/Excerpt
Napier, Susan "Winter of Dreams" Review/Excerpt
Nauman, Eileen "My Only One"
Neels, Betty "The Course of True Love" Review/Excerpt
Novak, Brenda "Baby Business"  Review/Excerpt
Novak, Brenda "Snow Baby"   Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Ortolon, Julie "Dear Cupid" Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Ortolon, Julie "Almost Perfect" Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Ortolon, Julie "Just Perfect" Review/Excerpt
Ortolon, Julie "Too Perfect" Review/Excerpt
  Palmer, Diana  "Heart of Ice"  Review/Excerpt
Pappano, Marilyn  "Cabin Fever"  Review/Excerpt
Penequat, S. "Marlin's Spell" Review/Excerpt
e Perkin, Norah-Jean "Outrageous" Review/Excerpt
Perrin, Kayla "If You Want Me" Review/Excerpt
Phillips, Debra "Kiss or Keep" Review/Excerpt
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth "It Had to be You" Review/Excerpt
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth "This Heart of Mine" Review/Excerpt
Pickart, Joan Elliott "Plain Jane Macallister" Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Plum, Barbara Ann "Prince of Frogs" Review/Excerpt
Putney, Mary Jo "Twist of Fate" Review/Excerpt
Quinn, Kathleen "Leaving Winter" Review/Excerpt
Ray, Francis "Silken Betrayal"  Review/Excerpt
Raye, Kimberly "Midnight Kisses"  Review/Excerpt
Renick, Jeane "Loving Mollie"  Review/Excerpt
e Reynolds, Catriona "Bridesmaids Beware" Review/Excerpt
Rice, Patricia "Carolina Girl" Review/Excerpt
Ridgway, Christie "Then Comes Marriage" Review/Excerpt
Ridgway, Christie "This Perfect Kiss" Review/Excerpt
Rios, Lara "Conquest" Review/Excerpt
Roberts, Nora "The MacGregor Grooms" Review/Excerpt
Roberts, Nora "Sea Swept" Review/Excerpt
Robinson, Fay "A Man Like Mac" Review/Excerpt
Roman, Hebby "SnowBird"
Roman, Hebby  "To Dance Again" Review/Excerpt
Samuel,  Barbara "No Place Like Home" Review/Excerpt
e Schuler, Betty Jo "Loves Seafood and Sunsets, Can't Dance" short story Review/Excerpt
Schuster, Melanie "My One and Only Love" Review/Excerpt
Sener, Susanne "The Lady and The Con"   Review/Excerpt
Shalvis, Jill "Luke" Review/Excerpt
Shalvis, Jill "Roughing it with Ryan" Review/Excerpt
Shaw, Danielle "When Summer Fades" Review/Excerpt
Shelly, Deborah "My Favorite Flavor" Review/Excerpt
  Simmons, Lynda "Just the Way You Aren't" Review/Excerpt
Simmons, Lynda "Perfect Fit" Review/Excerpt
  Singh, Nalini "Awaken to Pleasure" Review/Excerpt
  Singh, Nalini "Dessert Warrior" Review/Excerpt
Sommers, Abigail "In God's Eyes" Review/Excerpt
Sommers, Abigail "Love in the Pyramid"  Review/Excerpt
Sommers, Abigail  "Vacation of a Lifetime"  Review/Excerpt
Sommers, Beverly  "Losing It" Review/Excerpt
Spencer, Lavyrle "The Hellion" Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Standard, Patty "His Perfect Family" Review/Excerpt
Staub, Wendy Corsi "Getting It Together" Review/Excerpt
Staub, Wendy Corsi "Getting Attached" Review/Excerpt
Staub, Wendy Corsi "Getting Hitched" Review/Excerpt
Stuart, Anne "Museum Piece" Review/Excerpt
Templeton, Karen "Plain Jane Princess" Review/Excerpt
Templeton, Karen "What a Man's Gotta Do" Review/Excerpt
e Thompson, Ronda "Isn't It Romantic?" Review/Excerpt
Tyner, Marilyn "Step by Step" Review/Excerpt
Unanaowo, Rhoda Bell "Commitments" Review/Excerpt
Usher, Natasha "Ladies Choice" Review/Excerpt
Walker, Neff "An Abundant Woman"  Review/Excerpt
e Weinachten, Margaret "The Best of Presents" Review/Excerpt
  Weston, Sophie "The Independent Bride"  Review/Excerpt
  Weston, Sophie "The Millionaire's Daughter"  Review/Excerpt
White, Patricia Lucas "P.S. I've Taken A Lover"  Review/Excerpt
e White, Terry L.  "Mustard Seed" Review/Excerpt
Whitfield, Van  "Guys in Suits" Review/Excerpt
Whitfield, Van  "Love Can't Weight" Coming Soon!
Whitfield, Van "Something's Wrong with Your Scale" Review/Excerpt
e Wiesner, Karen  "First Love" Review/Excerpt
  Wiggs, Susan  "Home Before Dark" Review/Excerpt
  Williams, Roseanne  "How Sweet It Is" Review/Excerpt
  Wind, Ruth "Beautiful Stranger" Review/Excerpt
Winston, Ann Marie "Unlikely Eden" Review/Excerpt
Winters, Jill "Blushing Pink" Review/Excerpt






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