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  ~Military and Police Romance~
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Anthology "In Love and War"  Review/Excerpt
NEW! Private Investigator Allen, Rida "The Fashionable P.I."  Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Amos, Diana "Getting Personal" Review/Excerpt
Marine Andersen, Susan "Getting Lucky" Review/Excerpt
NEW! e Private Investigator Bagshaw, Judy "Big Fat Lies" short story Review/Excerpt
Body Guard Barton, Beverly "Jack's Christmas Mission"  Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Brashear, Jean  "Most Wanted"  Review/Excerpt
Navy Seal Brockmann, Suzanne "Get Lucky" Review/Excerpt
Navy Seal Brockmann, Suzanne "Into the Night" Review/Excerpt
Navy Seal Brockmann, Suzanne "Out of Control" Review/Excerpt
Navy Seal Brockmann, Suzanne "Taylor's Temptation" Review/Excerpt
Private Investigator Childers, Leta Nolan "Cat Callahan: Private Eye" Review/Excerpt
Private Investigator Collins, Kate "Abby Knight" series Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Craft, Francine "Born to Love You" Review/Excerpt
Police detective Craft, Francine "Forever Love" Review/Excerpt
Interpol agent Creighton, Kathleen "Never Trust a Lady" Review/Excerpt
Private Investigator Crusie, Jennifer "Fast Women" Review/Excerpt
Private Investigator Crusie, Jennifer "What the Lady Wants" Review/Excerpt
Ex-CIA Davis, Dee "Just Breathe" Review/Excerpt
Ex-CIA Davis, Dee "After Twilight"  Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Donovon, Susan "Take a Chance on Me" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Evanovich, Janet the "Stephanie Plum" series Review/Excerpt
Air Force Fossen, Delores "Marching Orders" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Law Enforcement Fossen, Delores "Veiled Intentions" Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Foster, Lori "Beguiled" Review/Excerpt
 Undercover cop Foster, Lori "Caught in the Act" Review/Excerpt
Paramedic Foster, Lori "Treat Her Right" Review/Excerpt
Private investigator Foster, Lori "Wanton" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Gaddy, Eve "Amazing Grace"   Review/Excerpt
Firefighter Gaddy, Eve "Fully Engaged" Review/Excerpt
Special Ops Gibson, Rachel "Lola Carlyle Reveals All" Review/Excerpt
Firefighter Graham, Darlene "The Pull of the Moon" Review/Excerpt
Vice cop Grijalva, Lucy "Undercover Love"  Review/Excerpt
 NEW! Law Enforcement Handeland, Lori "Blue Moon" Review/Excerpt
 NEW! Special Forces Handeland, Lori "A Soldier's Quest" Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Handeland, Lori "A Sheriff in Tennessee" Review/Excerpt
Private Investigator Heller, Jane "Name Dropping" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Hopper, Elaine "American Beauty" Review/Excerpt
 NEW!  Special ops James, Melissa "Can You Forget?"  Review/Excerpt
Secret Agent James, Stephanie "Fabulous Beast"  Review/Excerpt
Ex-Special Ops Kauffman, Donna "Carried Away" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Kent,  Lynnette "Now That You're Here" Review/Excerpt
Test Pilot Kirk, Mary "Miracles" Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Ledbetter, Suzann "Ahead of the Game" Review/Excerpt
 Law Enforcement Ledbetter, Suzann "In Hot Pursuit" Review/Excerpt
FBI Lee, Rachel "Serious Risks" Review/Excerpt
CIA/MI5 Lucas-Taylor, Elizabeth "Unfinished Business" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement MacAlister, Katie "A Girl's Guide to Vampires" Review/Excerpt
Firefighter Martin, Deirdre "Total Rush" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Maverick, Liz "What a Girls Wants" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement McCoy, Judi "Heaven in Your Eyes"  Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement McCoy, Judi "Heaven Sent"  Review/Excerpt
Ex-soldier McKenna, Lindsey "Daughter of Destiny" Review/Excerpt
Army McKenna, Lindsey "Destiny's Woman" Review/Excerpt
Mercenary McKenna, Lindsey "Firstborn" Review/Excerpt
Undercover marshall McKinney, Meagan "Still of the Night"  Review/Excerpt
Body Guard Michaels, Kasey "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Miller, Julie "In the Blink of an Eye"  Review/Excerpt
FBI Miller, Julie "Carnal Innocence"  Review/Excerpt
Veteran Palfrey, Evelyn "Everything in its Place"  Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Palfrey, Evelyn "Dangerous Dilemmas"  Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Phillips, Carly "Simply Sinful" Review/Excerpt
Private Investigator Poarch, Candice "Tender Escape" Review/Excerpt
CIA Robards, Karen "Night Magic" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Robards, Karen "Walking After Midnight" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Robb, J. D. "In Death" series Review/Excerpt
Body Guard Ross, Jo Ann "1-800-HERO" Review/Excerpt
Body Guard  Sala, Sharon "Snowfall" Review/Excerpt
Law Enforcement Sandoval, Lynda "One and Only" Review/Excerpt
NEW! Fire Marshal Shalvis, Jill "Seeing Red" Review/Excerpt
Air Force Spencer, Lavyrle "Sweet Memories" Review/Excerpt
Ex-cop Stillings, Marianne "The Damsel in this Dress" Review/Excerpt
FBI Sumerix, Jeanne  "Shadows in the Moonlight" Review/Excerpt
Veteran Wind, Ruth "Reckless" Review/Excerpt
Firefighter Zachary, Mia "9 1/2 Days" Review/Excerpt







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