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~The Hamptons~

by Linda Dominique Grosvenor

Heroine: slender

            Recently divorced from Arnez (a cheating, user, park Avenue cosmetic dentist), Joelle Sinclair has packed up her little red convertible and left behind her position as an events organizer for the Whitney art museum in the city for the Hamptons, playground of rich New Yorkers, and a chance at landing a job at Kenneth Oberlin's famous jewelry laden gallery.


           It's not long before she attracts the notice of one Jabari Mitchell, partner in a Manhattan law firm, who approaches her with the most unusual request for a first date--purchase him in a charity bachelor auction.


           Joelle is just learning to trust men again, but she can't help but wonder that by saying yes to the sexy and mysterious Jabari that she's repeating the same mistake twice.  Or perhaps making a new one even worse than the first.


What worked for me:


            Ms. Grosvenor writes very realistic dialogue, and I really enjoyed the banter between Joelle and Jabari. (And I gotta get me some ginger tangerine oil and convince my man to give me a foot massage like the one Jabari gave Joelle.)     


            I just loved the description of eccentric gallery owner Kenneth Oberlin.  What an image!                


            Size-wise Joelle was quite slender but the story didn't really focus on that.  (And since she just went through a divorce, one can say that being thin or beautiful doesn't really protect a woman from a cheating man.  Especially a slug like Arnez, who couldn't put Joelle down fast enough when they ran into each other at a party.)


What didn't work for me:


            I've said it before, I'll say it again.  "Ladies, don't jump into bed with a guy you don't know. Nine times out of ten you'll wind up regretting it." I feel pretty sure Joelle would agree with me on this.


            This fairly short book had the potential to be one of those epic glitz novels.  It might have been fun to have had a few more characters to fill it out and keep you guessing that much longer.



             What starts out as a chronicle of healing from a broken marriage takes on a twist of danger and intrigue. "The Hamptons" is sexy and thrilling, with a storyline that could easily play on Dominick Dunne's "Power, Privilege, and Justice".


Warning: there are some sexual scenarios in this book.


If you liked "The Hamptons" you might also enjoy "All of Me", "The Way It Is", "The High Price of a Good Man", "Sisterhood Situation", "Shadows in the Moonlight", or "Commitments".


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