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~Name Dropping~

by Jane Heller

Heroine: average


          What if two women with the same name lived in the same apartment building?  Invariably they would accidentally swap mail and phone messages, but men . . . and murders?


            When Bill Harris, with his extremely "nice" voice, calls Nancy Stern the disillusioned preschool teacher for a blind date she knows with that certain sinking feeling that this call is really meant for the glamorous freelance journalist in the penthouse, just like all the others.  All right, so she didn't want to keep the other Nancy's mile long credit card bills, and she absolutely couldn't keep the fabulous fur coat that had been mistakenly delivered to her apartment.  But jet set Nancy had so many men wooing her, would she really miss just one tall, handsome, sexy jeweler??


          Unfortunately preschool Nancy gets more than she bargains for in this particular swap.  When the other Nancy turns up dead preschool Nancy thanks her lucky stars just this once for being the "wrong Nancy".  But when her purse is snatched, her apartment is ransacked, and her new boyfriend's mysterious past begins to reveal itself, she begins to wonder if she was so lucky after all.


What worked for me:


           I love Heller's writing style.  She's got a great knack for coming up with pithy phrases, such as labeling preschool Nancy as "The Brunette Who Keeps Her Head".


          This novel particularly resonated with me because I've worked with children on and off for years, so the preschool scenes were a bit of a flashback for me.


          Size-wise Nancy was a comfortable sounding average, who was fine with her figure until she met the other Nancy Stern, with her impossibly long legs and huge hooters.


What didn't work for me:


          I was sick to my stomach the entire time plain Nancy was trying to pass herself off as "fancy Nancy".  I would hate trying to do something like that myself. (Odd, but I don't recall feeling that way when I read Goldsmith's "Switcheroo", and in that case the identity swap took place over a much longer period in the novel. Go figure!)


         I kinda felt bad for glitzy Nancy, snarky woman that she was.  Her life obviously didn't make her happy, her death was untimely, and she faded away from the novel once her purpose had been served, as did her mysterious daughter.  Poor things.



          Fast-paced "Name Dropping" was a joy to read, but didn't quite live up to my expectations, which were set very high after reading Heller's "Princess Charming".

Warning: This book has some steamy moments and coarse words within its pages.

If you liked "Name Dropping" you might also enjoy "Love at Large", "Bet Me", "Crazy For You", "Switcheroo", "Princess Charming", "Infernal Affairs", "Dating Dead Men", "Plum Girl", The Stephanie Plum mystery series, "Welcome to Temptation", "Faking It", "Heaven in Your Eyes", "Getting Lucky", "Fast Women", or "Lola Carlyle Reveals All".  

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