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~Katie MacAlister~

DCN: How long have you been writing?

KM: I started writing in 1999 when I was asked to write a non-fiction book, although I had done some writing before in newsletters, etc. So itís been a relatively short time that Iíve been writing, although Iíve been a lifelong reader.

DCN: What was the catalyst or spark for your first novel?

KM: I was asked to write a non-fiction book which was frankly pretty boring. The day I sent off the final proof, I decided I wanted to write fiction, and sat down to write a historical mystery. It ended up being more romance than mystery, though. I had so much fun writing it, I decided to
write a more traditional romance, and lo, Noble Intentions was born.

DCN: Do any of your story ideas come from everyday situations or people you come across?

KM: Rarely, although I do sometimes use events from my life in my books. Iíve found, though, that my life is usually too strange to be believable even as fiction, so I pretty much stick to dreaming up situations.

As for peopleóthatís even rarer. I love to people-watch, but my characters really are my own inventions.

DCN: How do you discipline yourself to write?
Do you have a system to get yourself to write everyday?

KM: My deadlines keep me on track.  Before I had so many of them, I was driven to keep writing because I knew the only way I would sell would be to have something to offer. So if one book didnít sell, it was important to me to have another one out there circulating. After that, I wanted to have oodles of books out, so that kept me glued to the computer.

I use the reward system to keep myself working when I would much rather be doing anything else. E-mail, chocolate, playing my favorite online gameótheyíre all rewards I wave before my nose if I just finish whatever
it is I need to get done.

I also keep my goals realistic. I know how much I can comfortably write in a day, and I donít try to push myself beyond that. That helps cut down on the frustration of not meeting daily goals.

DCN: How do you feel when you see your name in print?

KM: Itís always a thrill to see one of my books in a store or in someoneís hand. I count myself as very, very lucky to be able to be living the dream of sharing my stories with others.

DCN:  How do you celebrate when a book is published?

KM: Mmm. Since my fourteenth and fifteenth books are due out next week, I have to admit that my celebrations are pretty much limited to admiring the first copy of it I see, showing it to my husband (who is legally obligated to ooh and aaah over it), and then stuffing it into the Katie Bookcase where I keep all of the books Iíve written.

What I look forward to most is hearing from readers what they think about the book. That always gets me celebrating.

DCN: Do you have fans that get so carried away with your books that they forget that the characters are fictional?

KM: I get a lot of questions about characters, and a few letters from readers who want a character to do something specific in a future book. Usually itís the vampires who inspire the really enthusiastic fansómany of those readers want to know detailed histories of my vampsí lives, and
what happens when the books end.

DCN: Any advice for writers just starting out?

KM: Writing is a lot of hard work, so you really have to love what youíre doing. My best piece of advice is not to listen to writing advice. Everyone writes differently, so figure out what works for you, then go with it. Donít let anyone else tell you whatís right or wrongóand most
of all, have fun.

A big thank you to Katie MacAlister for taking time out of her beyond hectic schedule to talk to Dangerously Curvy Novels. Katie's current novels out; "Corset Diaries" and" Something about Harry". Coming in Sept. 04, "You Slay Me". And be sure to check out the DCN review of "A Girl's Guide to Vampires"


Good-bye, Mom.

I love you and will miss you forever.


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