~Jennifer Harrington~


Book reviewer, writing coach, and author.


           My latest writing adventure has been the participation in an anthology of contemporary romance short stories, "Love at Large".  (I contributed "Dirty Laundry", which might look familiar if you've visited my page about critiquing fiction. Go there for an excerpt of the tale.)  The anthology was an exciting project and very hands-on for all of us as we each took turns editing the others' work.  We also came together and wrote a single story as a group effort.  Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to participating in more of them at the BBW Romance Writers group.


           Recently I coached some wonderful authors through a book which has hit the stands and is now in book-on-tape-format. Check out "A Corpse in the Soup". Currently, I am busy with two books of my own "French Kissed", which is a chick lit story aimed at the teen scene, and "Highland Fling", a sweet paranormal romantic comedy.

Five roses from a Romance Review!  

"Dirty Laundry" by Jennifer Harrington-Too many people had treated Lauren Giles badly in her thirty years, including her ex-husband. When a ‘stepped-right-off-of-a-romance-cover-god’ walked into the laundry room of her apartment building Lauren was inspired to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on Dr. James Brandt.

Ms. Harrington brings a delectable apéritif to the scrumptious feast [of the "Love at Large" anthology]. A heroine we can all relate to and a hero we all dream about are the sweet indulgences every reader of romance orders."

Road to Romance says:


"DIRTY LAUNDRY" by Jennifer Harrington was my favorite story of the group. Lauren Giles is in the apartment building’s laundry room when she overhears her catty female neighbors discussing her recent divorce, and the latest tenant in the building. And when he shows up, she realizes the biddies weren’t exaggerating his attractiveness. After he finishes his laundry, she sees that he left his book in the area. Several of the women have granddaughters and daughters they hope to hook up with the new guy. To her complete surprise, Jamie Brandt is much more interested in Lauren.

Lauren’s experiences have left her bruised and battered. She’s never had anyone appreciate her just as she is. Her ex-husband referred to her as a big fat slob, and she believed him. She wants desperately to make a good impression on him, but fumbles around, dropping things and almost falling instead. Jamie is less of a known quantity as the POV remains Lauren’s through the whole story. But he shows his appreciation for a real woman telling her she’s perfect just the way she is.

The internal dialog was realistic, and familiar. The descriptions of the cutting looks, rude comments, and negative attention were true to life, and BBW encounter it all the time. Having a gorgeous man appreciate her for who she is, not only how she looks is a true ego boost for Lauren. I hope this author continues to write, as I plan to put her on an auto-buy list."